Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Our New Addition

Well it finally happened.  Our Mama Bobcat had her babies.  She has delivered two of the most ADORABLE little babes......And while she is out hunting.....They come out to explore the rocks in our back yard. 
This is the area they have built their new home (actually......she had three babies back in this same corner of our back yard last year too).  Now, check out what we saw this evening after our golf cart ride.....
If you look really close at the center of this picture ........ You will see one baby on the left and the other is sitting on the rock just below and to the left of the yellow flower.
The babe on the left is a little more scared of this section of his new home ...... but the one on the right is more curious than you can even image.  Both babes are right in the center of this picture (look right below the yellow flower in the center - they are both on either side of that rock).
Here's a few great picture of the more curious babe climbing and sitting on one of the rock (just below and to the right of the yellow flower).
(He is right in the center of this picture.)
I think it's just ADORABLE how DARLING he looks sitting on the rocks.  And how nature protects these little babes by giving them the same coloring as our landscaping.
And here's another shot of the second babe coming to check out what is going on with his brother.
I have to tell you that this little fellow is so curious ......
He likes hanging out on the rocks ....... His brother.....not so much.  I'm thinking that his brother is looking for the quick exit if need be.
So there you have it friends.........Our proud addition to our yard.  We are truly blessed to have this Mama Bobcat back in our yard again this year to have her next litter of babes.  AND NOT TO WORRY......MONSTER IS NOT ALLOWED OUTSIDE WHILE THEY ARE STILL HERE.

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  1. I am beyond jealous. What a precious sight and gift for living in AZ!