Saturday, July 31, 2010

Special Delivery from Steven

When my daughter called me to tell me a birthday package was coming from the kids - she alerted me to the fact that Steven (my youngest grandson who is five) had included several envelopes for me in the package that was going out. She said he was working hard to get all his envelopes to his mom before the package was sealed is what he sent to me for my birthday......... There were four different envelopes which each had one small drawing in each - and each one was representing me and Steven and we were celebrating my 4th of July birthday.
Without a doubt, all four of these have gone into a very special place which is reserved for Steven's fabulous artwork - and the fact that he included envelopes for each of the pictures only make it even more special.
Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair-do and the belly button?
And each and every picture has his signature on it.......which is spelled out S*T*E*V*E*N period. LOVE IT!
This is without a doubt one of the best birthday gifts I could have received. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being a grandma!
I'll be back tomorrow to share a fabulous birthday card that my oldest daughter Cheryl made for me.......I was totally impressed. Keep Living Your Dream!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Card from Doll Baby

When I received this card in the mail from my daughter, I just had to call her to find out who addressed this envelope. I knew the hand writing on the return address was her hand writing, but who did the address? She told me it was written by my 6-year old granddaughter Brooke. NO WAY........she did an amazing job - how creative and fun is this? She even GLAMMED up the back of the envelope - In true Artist Fashion.
Brooke knows that my favorite color is Pink and when you add a splash of Orange.....I'm totally in HEAVEN.
And here is what she did to the inside of my birthday card - Don't you just love the fact that this little 6-year old person is doing cursive.....seriously.......I didn't start doing cursive till the 4th or 5th grade. Kids today are FAR MORE ADVANCED than I ever was.
Just could resist showing you a close-up of her special birthday wish to me. I melted when I saw how extra special love and care she put into signing my birthday card. I LOVE IT DOLL BABY!
I am truly blessed to have four wonderful grandchildren who know exactly what it takes to give me the PERFECT birthday gift. Thank you Kids for sending me such special birthday greetings.
Hope you can visit tomorrow - Keep Living Your Dream!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Card from Jared

There is nothing more that my grandkids love than to see something they have made or given me posted on my blog. This one is for your Jared.....Thank you for my amazing birthday card you made me. While the other kids might still need some help in writing up their birthday card - Jared is at the age where he can go off and create and make something all by himself. This card represents his feelings for his NaNa on her birthday.
I love how he created this image of himself on the back of my card and he even took the time to hand-stamp a "Made by" tag on the bottom of my card.
And here is a close-up of Jared's Hand Made by stamp..........
Jared has lots of talents and he can often times be found in his room drawing or sketching out images - and more often than not.....they are really really good. I'm sure that he will continue developing his art talent over the years and someday....who knows.......This birthday card will be an Original by Jared. Thanks Jared for the amazing birthday card you made me. I LOVE IT!
Hope you can indulge me a couple more days as I will be sharing the additional cards that Steven made for me.....and then also my Doll Babies cards and wrap it all up with my card from daughter. Keep Living Your Dream!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Cards from Steven & Hailey

For the next several days, I'm going to be sharing some of my most treasured Birthday gifts ever received. There is nothing sweeter than to receive in the mail a little something from my grandkids - and this year they surprised me with SEVERAL handmade birthday cards. To start is Steven's card to me......... Steven made me a birthday card that has the two of us swinging on their backyard swing set.
And the inside of his card has us playing in their big back yard.
This next card is from Hailey. She truly takes her time in all that she does with drawing or writing - she reminds me so much of myself when I was that age. She totally wants to do a good job and has such a creative eye........Love her colors and she puts everything into her design work.
This happens to be a picture of me and Hailey going for a hike near my Arizona home.
Have to say that I love love love my birthday cards from my grandkids and can't think of another gift that would give me more joy than their handmade birthday cards. Thanks Steven and Hailey for thinking of NaNa Baby on her birthday.
Hope you can stop back tomorrow and I'll be sharing the card that my oldest grandson Jared made for me. Until Thursday - Keep Living Your Dream.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Gift from Sandy

Shortly after I moved to SaddleBrooke, I found a stamping group that I called to inquire how I could about joining. To my surprise, the gal I got connected to was Sandy and when I learned she was from Madison, Wisconsin.....I knew we would become fast friends. She invited me to join in at one of the stampers meeting and she offered to be my mentor - which was a treat to me.....It totally was going to help me connect with this stamping group. So a long story short - Sandy and I became fast friends and enjoy not only chatting about Madison but also enjoy our time together creating cards. Here is the birthday card that Sandy dropped off at my front door on the Fourth of July.
As you can see - she did an amazing job decorating my birthday card with all of my favorite colors and elements....but the topper when when I reached into the bag that was sitting at my front door and found this.........
HOW CUTE IS THIS? It is a charming 3-D house with shutters, curtains and the house decorating works. Along with a roof that lifts off. Inside the house are several yummy Hershey chocolate bars (which are my all time favorite candy bar).
Here's a close up of the adorable house......She even gave it an American Flag to hang right outside the door.......AMAZING details! are the candy bars all wrapped up in the center. Can you tell that she has decorated each of the candy bars to resemble American Flags. Now is that too cute for words or what?
Thank you Sandy for this amazing birthday gift. I was overwhelmed with happiness when Jack brought it into the house on my birthday......I have given it a front and center spot on my upper studio cabinet and that way I can look at it each and every time I come into my studio.
I am truly BLESSED to have two such special friends in my life here in SaddleBrooke and am touched that you remembered my birthday and helped me to celebrate my special day.
Thanks for stopping by today and stop back tomorrow when I'll share some birthday surprises from my grandkids. Keep Living Your Dream.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Surprise from my BFF

Happy Monday to you and hope you had a FABULOUS weekend. Thought I would share with you this week some of the Birthday surprises that I received from family and friends this year. As many of you know, it was my birthday on the Fourth of July and this year I was overwhelmed with how many of my new friends here in SaddleBrooke remembered my birthday (and honestly, how many of those back in Wisconsin didn't........). Over the next couple of days, I'm going to share with you the many cards I received. This share is going to be from my BFF Jan here in SaddleBrooke. Jan is probably the galpal that I spend the most time with - so only she could send me such an honest and funny card as this.
One thing that you have to know about Jan is.......She is not only talented in all that she creates - she is also the most TALENTED person I know with a set of Pens - Pencils and Copic Markers. NOBODY does it better than Jan. She totally could do this for a living - she's SO TALENTED I can honestly say......."We don't like her" (an inside joke that I say when someone is either so talented or pretty that it makes you just sick to think they have all of that and then some wrapped up inside themself)....I honestly do adore Jan and often times think......I want to be like her when I grow up.
As if the card she designed for me wasn't SWEET enough....she also sent me this FABULOUS piece of art that I immediately knew would go front and center on my studio work station. What do you think of my BFF paper weight? Isn't it just the living end?
Here's a close up of it in all it's glory. It is honestly (next to my grandkids artwork) a piece that is treasured in my studio.
Here's another shot of my artwork - which I have displayed right under my TV - and is displayed so that every single time I sit down to work in my studio......I can look at it and it totally makes me smile.
Thanks Jan for being my BFF - I am trilled that we found each other and have SO MUCH in common........(now hurry up and get back to SaddleBrooke).
Tomorrow I will share with you a wonderful gift that my Wisconsin Buddy Sandy made for my birthday........You will be amazed at what she made for me........Until tomorrow......Keep Living Your Dream!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guess What Jack Came Home With?????

Happy Sunday to you......Hope you have been having a great weekend....It's just about over...... Today I want to share a quick post and show you want happens when you send your guy out to get his glasses fixed. Sometimes they do come home with mission completed...and then some. While at the eye glass market, Jack saw this cute little critter (have to say at first I thought it was a dog.....but after looking at for some time......have to say...I'm not sure). It's an eye glass holder for me to use in my studio.
It holds perfectly my studio eye glasses that I often times have just laying on the top of my desk and often times have several things thrown on top of the glasses. It's a wonder I've only busted one pair of eye glasses (thanks Jan for noticing I had a new pair on last time the CraftNooner Gals got together......).
So here sits proudly front and center on my studio desk my eye glasses so I never again have to search or wonder if something is sitting on top of them. Thanks HONEY for being so thoughtful and thinking of me while you were out doing your LEAST FAVORITE thing and that is shopping.
Hope to see you tomorrow and I'll be draggin out some of the things I've created in July and sharing those with you. Keep Living Your Dream!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Little Pink Box

Today I will be sharing a creation that Angie over at Chic' n Scrath created for her blog. Angie is SO CREATIVE and truly does her best to keep things quick and easy for you to understand. Here is a creation that she made by using the SU Bigz Scallop Envelope die...... Here is the creation in it's final form......SO ADORABLE!
I love all the pink and how this little creation makes me SMILE - every single time I look at it!
It's two envelopes die-cut and then a small portion of the bottom cut off and using a SU slot punch - I created handles for my little pouch and then joined the sides together.
I used the New SU set "Friends Never Fade" stamp set and just know this will be one of those Go-To sets for me this fall.
And here's a close-up of the two SU products I used for this project. Just love how this project turned out and you can be sure that I'll be using this project for my grandkids next school year. It holds perfectly a small candy bar or treat on the inside of the pouch.
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend and can stop back tomorrow when I'll be sharing a cute little something Jack came home with for me when he went out to get his glasses fixed. See you tomorrow and remember........Keep Living Your Dream!

Friday, July 23, 2010

John & Sue's New Home

Happy Friday to you - hope you have some FUN plans for this upcoming weekend. I'm over in San Diego wathing our little granddaughter Levi in her first dance recital......Can hardly wait to see how much she has learned. Today, I'm sharing a quick card I made the end of June for two of my favorite people in the entire world - John and Sue! John and Sue in Indiana, sold their home (in 17 days) and have bought a new home. I thought I would send them a "Congrats on your New Home" card.......and here is what I came up with....... Here is a close-up of the front of the card. I used some retired SU DSP to create this card.
I told you it was a quick and easy card -I even added their new street address to one of the houses and called it a day........Super Quick and Super Easy card.
Here's the close-up of the house number (which I'm sure they got a kick out of.....)
And a little saying on the inside to wish them nothing but good wishes in their new home. The moving truck came last Monday, so by the time they read this post.....they should be KNEE DEEP in boxes.....good luck John and Sue and we can't wait to come and see your new place. Hope my buddy Calvin enjoyed the trip and is getting settled in his new home. Hugs to you both.
Glad you were able to stop by today - please come back tomorrow and I'll share some more of my creations that I've been working on with you. Keep Living Your Dream!

McDonald Surprises

It's Thursday....and I want to share with you today the cards that I made my grandkids to send some McDonald gift certificates to them...... This first card is the card I shared with you on Monday - and that was the card I made my grandson Bodie - I sent along some McDonalds gift certificates (which are always a HIT with the grandkids).
These next four pictures are for the three little Princess I have in both California and Wisconsin. I made all three girls the same card and included not only McDonalds gift certificates but also a stamped Princess image for them to color and possibly make their own card. Here is Levi's Princess card........
And a close-up of Hailey's little blinged up Princess.....
and last but not least...My Doll Babies card......Brooke.
I just couldn't resist adding some bling to their Princess - so I went around after I colored in the image and added some Stickles to the dress, eye shadow and cheeks. The girls just loved their princess cards and the McDonald gift certicates was just icing on the cake.
Hope you have some fabulous plans for the upcoming weekend......Mine will be spent over in San Diego watching our little granddaughter Levi in her very first dance recital.....should be so delightful to watch (it's her first year in dance.......). Until tomorrow........Keep Living Your Dream!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Made Espressly For Me!

Happy Wednesday to you! I would like to share with you today a FUN little notebook I made for myself and have to say that each and every time I use it....It totally makes me smile. I started out with three tags created especially with two of my favorite things.....Espresso cups and the color PINK........
The notebook is a fold over format that uses an elastic piece of cording to secure it closed. The cording wraps around the book and when the cording is removed, the two sides of the booklet open to expose the notepad inside.
Here's another close-up of the tag and all the bling and wiring that goes along with it.
Here is what the notebook looks like opened. It's just the right size for me to keep notes of things I need to do and project I need to keep on my radar screen..........
And here is my charming notebook all closed up and waiting for me to add yet another project or task to be completed.
Thanks for stopping by today - hope you can come back tomorrow for yet another Kard by Kadie creation. Keep Living Your Dream!