Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Treats

Welcome Back Blogger Friends.....I want to share with you today the cute cute cute Easter baskets that I made for many of my SaddleBrooke Friends last week. The basket was created using my Cricut and the Sweet Treats Cartridge....Super Easy and Super FUN! Here's a shot of the nine baskets I made.....each one had a hershey nugget bunny tucked inside along with a dumdum sucker and a little chocolate easter egg.
Here's the bunny nugget peaking out over the top of the basket......
The bunny nugget was made with a VERY OLD bunny stamp and that was glue dotted onto one side of a hershey nugget (which was wrapped in a white mailing label and topped off (or should I say.....bottomed up with a small white pompom....)
I used the "Good Egg" stamp set from Stampin Up to add the chick in an egg to the front of the basket and placed that on a scallop circle. Each one turned out cuter than the next one. is one last view of the 9-baskets I made.
I'll be delivering (at the crack of dawn) May Day baskets to my SaddleBrooke Friends tomorrow morning. will be able to stop back to check out these darling Baskets.......and I promise you.....they will make you smile. Keep Living Your Dream!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bunny JelllyBean Pots

Hi Friends.....It's Friday......and I for one am looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping that you have some fabulous plans for the weekend and whatever your going to be doing........Do it BIG! I would like to start out by saying.....This idea is NOT mine.....but came to me through Tracy at Craft Junkie Too. Tracy posted this fabulous project last week and I FELL....FELL....FELL in love with her project and knew that I had to make these for several of my SaddleBrooke Friends. This is the completed project of those JellyBean Pots that I created.
The idea is that the Easter Bunny fell into the "Jellybean Pot". That was achieved by taking a 1" terra cotta pot and adding colored rick-rack around the upper rim.......Taking a large white pom pom and hot gluing it into the terra cotta pot. I added a small pom pom to the top of the large pom pom for the bunnies tail and you've created a charming little easter bunny - that has went face first into the pot.
The feet were free-handed onto Fun Foam and cut out.......I then hot glued them to the large pom pom.....It's seriously looking like an easter bunny (who fell into the jellybean pot).
I used a black sharpie pen to write "Jellybeans" on the side of the terra cotta pot.....Put the completed pot into a small plastic bag......added a couple handfuls of jellybeans .......tied it all up.....add a tag to the packaging......and hand deliveried these little cutiest to my friends.
And here's one last pics of this fabulous project that Tracy created! It was a fun and quick project that my friends fell in love with.
Hope you can come back tomorrow to see the Easter baskets that I made several of my SaddleBrooke friends this past week. Keep Living Your Dream!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Group

Hi Blogger Friends....It was weigh in day yesterday and SADLY.....I had No Weight Loss - I've stayed the same - and still have four pounds to go......Seriously going to work at it for this next week. FINGERS CROSSED! Today....I'll be sharing three cards that I made yesterday at my new FU stamping group. The groups name is F.U. (and NO....It doesn't stand for FU.....It's stands for Fabulously Untouchable or something like that.....) The four of us (Kris, Ann, Debbie and myself) gathered at Ann's house and had a FUN afternoon of cardmaking. Here are the cards that the ladies had us make.......
First up is the card Kris had us make.....How Stinkin Cute is this.....It actually looks like a SHOE! We popped up the bottom of the shoe and Kris even had us lace the shoe up with shoe lace cording.
Here's a great view of the shoe card.....
Next up is Debbie's card......She taught us a fun stamping technique....We embossed the swirl and then used daubbers to color in on the watercolor paper. We used a mister to move the ink around and then dropped salt on top of the paper and that created a great look.
Here's a close up look of the embossed swirl and amazing fun color used to shade in the paper.
And last (but not least) is Ann's card. I will start out by saying.....I SERIOUSLY put my card together any good cardmaker........I figured out a way to make it work. And work it did. I love how the fun fold that Ann was spotlighting for her card was not completely lost in my error of assembling my card.
I will probably write my message on the top portion of my card and maybe use this card to mail a gift card to that someone special. I think a gift card would look great in the bottom portion of the inside of this card.
I had an error yesterday on my'll be posting some Easter treats for your viewing enjoyment. Hope you can return tomorrow for some fun fun projects. Keep Living Your Dream!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pretty Purse Set

Happy Tuesday Blogger Friends.......Today is the final day of the gifts I made for Jan at the Mesa Convention.......I got the pattern for my Pretty Purse Set from the Paper Crafters "Best of Card Creations" book. It's on page 157 and the only thing I did different was use other note cards for the inside. Here's the cute little purse that I made....It was designed to hold 3"x3" note cards.....
My note card pattern came from Dawn Griffin in Michigan.....she did a video tutorial on these cute little cards.....and I knew immeditaely that I wanted to use her pattern for the cards on this little purse.
Here's a close-up of the cards that I included in Jan's purse......
And a close-up of one of the cards opened. I thought this template was perfect for the purse I created using retired SU DSP.
And one final look at the Pretty Purse that I gave to Jan. Thanks for letting me share with you the gift that I made for my BFF ...... and I'm sorry it took me SO MANY DAYS to post all the projects........(I guess posting 12 projects does take more than a one or two days to post!).
Tomorrow I will be sharing the darling Easter Gift that I made for my SaddleBrooke friends. Hope you are able to stop back and check it out. Keep Living Your Dream!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Note To Self/Long Tall Candy Gift

It's Monday and I'm hoping that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I have a few more gifts to share with you today......I'm hoping that your not too bored with the gifts that I made for my BFF........Here's a recap of all the gifts that I gave to Jan....Today we will be viewing the "Note To Self" notepad and Long/Tall Candy gift....... I made Jan candy gifts for each of the days we were in Mesa....and for some reason....this is the only one that I look an individual picture of.......The packaging is clear window sheets and it holds hersey nuggets - which are wrapped up in DSP. As you can tell from the pic.......One clear window sheet packaging holds 8-nuggets and the other holds 6-nuggets. Just enough to keep a girls strength up while doing a day of shopping at the convention.
I decorated the top of each packaging with a belly band a flower.....
Next up is a cute little post-it-note holder that Jan can drop into her purse and have a way of jotting down a quick little note to herself.
The holder is held close with a small piece of velcro....super easy and super cute!
I have one last gift to share with you tomorrow.....Hope you can return and see the cute little Purse with matching notecards that I made for Jan. Keep Living Your Dream!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

CD Case & Sketch Book

Happy Sunday Blogger Friends. Today I will continue sharing the gifts that I made my BFF at the Mesa Convention last weekend......Here's a recap of the gifts that I presented to Jan over the weekend. Today......I will be sharing the CD Case and Sketch Book.......Here we go.... Here's the fun little CD Case that I decorated for Jan......I also made myself a cute little number all decked out in PINK (which I will share with you at a later date)........
For all of Jan's gifts......I used some retired SU DSP - mainly because Jan's favorite color is RED and this DSP has a fun red print and I had plenty of it in my cardstock stash!
Here is the inside of the CD case........I went to the office supply store and had some jr legal pads cut down and then used my computer to print out a calendar in Microsoft word....and used some brads to attach it to the inside of the CD Case.
Next up is a fun little sketch pad that I learn from Kristin Werner's blog......Here is what the front cover of Jan's sketchbook looks like.
The idea behind this sketchbook is ....... Jan can tuck this into her purse and whenever she sees a card or scrapbook page that she wants to CASE.....she can pul out her Idea & Sketch Book and draw it out........check out what the inside of this cute little number looks like......
You can head over to Kristin Werner's blog and she has a link to this page.
I'll be sharing a few more gifts with you hope you can return to check those out. Keep Living Your Dream!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bookmark & Circle Purse

It's Saturday and I'm planning to spend the entire day in my studio.....PLAYING! Hope you have some amazing plans for today and do something that makes you happy. Today I'll be sharing yet more gifts that I made for my BFF from last weekends Mesa Convention....Let's get started....... First up is a cute little circle purse that I learned to make from Angie at Chic n Scratch. Angie made this little purse about 2-3 years ago and made one along with her.....and have been making them ever since. SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN to give.
I used some retired SU paper and have to say that this little purse turned out cuter than the lat one that I made.......
Here you can see that the inside of my purse is a cut down white lunch bag........and this holds the adorable 3"x3" cards on the inside of the bag.
And here are the cards that I tucked inside Jan's purse. I made a total of six cards for Jan's purse and included the envelopes for her to be able to use them as gift cards for gifts she gives out. She LOVED her circle purse and told me that she has a special little place she stores all my gifts that I make her.
Next up is a charming little bookmark that I made for Jan. I decorated both sides of the square so no matter which page she's on......she'll see the "This is My Place" circle sign I added to the center of her bookmark.
And here is a quick little view of the bookmark.
Thanks for stopping in today.....tomorrow, I'll be sharing the CD Case and Sketch Book I made for Jan....Hope you can come back tomorrow and take a peek. Keep Living Your Dream!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gift for my BFF

Hi Blogger Friends and Happy Friday to you. Hope you have some GREAT THINGS planned for the weekend. It's finally SUMMER (okay Spring.....) in Arizona and from here on out....The weather will be totally awesome in my neck of the woods - LOVE IT! Today.....I will be sharing a sneak peek with you on the gifts that I made my BFF for last weekends Mesa Convention.....Take a look..... I made all of these for Jan and wrapped them in a clear bag and had it placed on her pillow each morning as a wake-up surprise........Today, I'm going to share the lipstick compact with you.
I learned this technique from Lori Heiling's Blog.......She is so talented and did an amazing job with her video tutorial on this project.
This came together with circles and glue......and was so stinky cute with the silver (somewhat) shiny paper on the inside.
The cherry on the top was the addition of the red lipstick pen which went on the outside cover of my compact.......TOO CUTE!
And one last picture of my compact note holder.......
I'll be sharing more pictures tomorrow of some of the other projects I made for Jan......SO....hope you can come back and check out additional projects that made. Keep Living Your Dream!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bucket from Opal

Happy Thursday my Blogger Friends......Yesterday was my weigh in day at Weight Watchers.....HOLY BUCKETS....I lost 2.2 pounds last week. That means....I'VE LOST a total of 30LBS in 16-weeks! I only have 4 more pounds to go and then I've reached my lifetime status (again). I'm hoping that I can do that in two weeks! Today I'm going to share a darling Easter Bucket that my stamping buddy Opal dropped off to me last week....Check it out......How Cute Is This?
I'm not sure if Opal knows my favorite color is PINK.....and when she handed me this cute little bucket.....I think I squealed.......It was stuffed with some adorable treasurers.
Opal even made me the cutest butterfly nametag for my bucket....Which by the way....has taken a new home right on my workstation......I'm probably going to store some of my pens or adhesive pens in it.
Here's a close-up of the goodies that were tucked inside.......TOO FUN!
And one last look at all the fun embellishments that Opal gave me. THANK YOU Opal for thinking of me and leaving me with first and only Easter Bucket. ADORABLE! I'm going to be sharing with you tomorrow (and throughout the weekend) the treats that I gave to my BFF last weekend for the Mesa Convention.....I promise you......the gifts are sweet and charming and were a BIG HIT with Jan. Hope to see you tomorrow............Keep Living Your Dream!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Button Flower Card

Hi Blogger Friends.....SORRY I've been MIA for the last week. My computer had a fatal virus (thank you Jack!) and needed to go into the PC Doctor......When Jack picked up my laptop-they told him to have me update my Internet Explorer to 9....which I did....and that created all kinds of issues - which left me dead in the water for posting on my blog. I finally got it fixed yesterday and now I'm good to go......Today's card is a sweet little card that I made for my Crafternooners card swap - I used the SU small oval punch and some buttons and linen thread. I punched out three small oval punches in four different colors and created the petals for my flowers. I added a button to the oval and arranged all four of them on my card. Don't they look just yummy! Here's a close-up of how I layered the three small oval punches on top of each other. And the button was just dropped on top of the ovals and I called it a day.Don't you just love this color flower (I DO). I want to report in on my weigh in from Weight Watchers last week.....I did weigh in with a weight loss.......I only lost a half pound....but it's slow and steady as I go. I only have 6.5 pounds left to go....I should be able to do that in the next two or three weeks. Hope you can return tomorrow....I'm going to share a sweet little Easter Surprise that my stamping buddy Opal dropped off to me last Tuesday afternoon. I'm also hoping to share the convention gifts I made my BFF from last weekends Mesa Convention towards the end of the weeki. I made several yummy gifts for Jan and gave her one wrapped goodie bag every day while we were in Mesa. Keep Living Your Dream!