Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Card Techniques

Here are the three cards that I made this past Saturday at our LSS (Pages in Progress). We did some embossing - some techniques with Alcohol Inks - We used the cuddlebug and inks to create the blue flower card and had lots of fun with ribbons and twine. We even made the button with some chipboard and we inked the edges. Thanks for stopping by and remember...Continue Living Your Dream!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's on Your Refig?

Do you have the same-old/same-old things on your refig? Maybe you have the ever IMPORTANT calendar on your refig to help keep your life somwhat under control.....
Do you have one of those FUN magnetics?I especially like how these are a helpful reminder that everytime we open the refig to select something that is not only good for you - but has the fewest calories.
Seems like every refig has these same-old/same-old images on them.........But wait till you see what decorates the front of my refig.
These are works of art from my grandkids. Here's a close-up of their master pieces: This is Jared's artwork (guess he's trying to tell me that he is looking forward to his trip in an airplane to come from Madison, Wisconsin to Arizona to visit us. And here is Hailey's artwork. A fabulous picture of her taking a walk with her friends at school. Here's Steven's - he actually couldn't decide which picture to send me - so he sent three pictures to me. This one is of him, his PopPop and ME!
And lastest (but certainly not least) my Doll Babies artwork (Brooke). I asked her what she wanted for her upcoming birthday in December - and this is her piece of art. (Just in case you can't tell what it is.........It's the Guess Who Game).
Hope you enjoyed viewing what I have on my refig - and thanks for indulging me with a little bragging from the Kitchen of NaNa Kadie. I'll be back later to share the three cards that I made at the LSS class on Saturday.....Until then...... Keep living your dream!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Monday!

It's Monday and I spent the entire weekend playing. Went to our LSS and took a card making class with my SaddleBrooke Stamper Friends. We made three cards (which I will try to post later) and we used inks and embossing as the main techniques for these cards. The gathering was fabulous and besides the instructor being somewhat disorganized (remember that there were over 16-of us there.......) the entire class was delightful and we learned lots of new techniques. We had time to do some serious shopping after (okay and before) the class - so walked away with my Holiday paper to make the grandkids their gingerbread men books and many other delightful finds. Yesterday was spent cleaning the house and working on the gingerbread men books. Was a fabulous day and got lots done. We have a new addition to our quickly growing animal life population in our yard....our latest addition is a SKUNK......have to say that he has driven us more than once off our pool deck. And he has done some pretty extensive damage to our planter and flower gardens. Will be calling animal control if he keeps this up. Jack did some research on the internet regarding shunks and it said that they don't like bright lights ....... so guess who turned all the outdoor lights on last night. SWEAR if you were in a plane overhead last night you would have been able to spot a place to land the plane in our yard. MAN OH MAN it was bright. Besides all that drama - will plan to spend some of the day today playing with my new cricut and fixing a cheesecake for our dinner party tomorrow with the neighbors. Exterminator is coming today to start our contract with them....they send out two fellows and plan to be here for over 2-hours getting the property set-up.....look out bugs -you need to pack your bags before 1pm - otherwise it's curtains for you. Hugs to the kids and hopefully within the next couple of days - I'll be able to post some pictures. Kadie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My stampin studio

It's Saturday and have a full day of stampin with the Saddlebrooke Stampers today but wanted to give you'all an update on my stampin studio. As many of you DH has indulged me (once again) with a fellow (Steve) from Tucson that makes cabinets and designs rooms. He has designed and is making the dream studio to beat all Studios. It is all built-ins and cabinets to house every single tool-gadget-punch-stamp-pad-ALL for my stampin studio. His business is Off the Wall in Tucson Arizona and he does fabulous work. The cabinets will be all wood and molded pieces......slide out drawers - drop down extra work station - ribbon cabinets - punch cabinets - stamp drawers.....basically THE WORKS. I chatted with Steve on Thursday and he is about 2-1/2 weeks from completion. He has invited me out the shop the first week of November to check out my creation and to make any final changes to the unit before it all gets nailed down. I called him to ask him if he could add one more feature (along with the hundred and forty that I've already ask for).....and that was for my new 12" Cricut machine. I wanted to have that stationed at the extra work station section (will be ideal for when Cheryl comes out to visit and we do some late night scrappin-she'll have her own work station with the cricut right there for her)......and I wanted him to add a slide on the shelving unit that will be in the drop down workstation cabinet for me to put my Cricut machine and be able to slide it out so when the paper is loaded in the Cricut I don't have to pull the whole machine away from the wall each time to allow the paper to feed through. Steve said that wouldn't be any problem - so it will be one more thing that will make this design my DREAM studio come true. I've decided that when I go out to Steve's shop the first week in November to check things out that I'm going to bring my camera and start taking pictures - so I can begin sharing my studio with you'all. Needless to say....when the delivery truck arrives at our house on installation day.....I will have my camera ready for clicking from the moment the truck arrives until the final bold is insalled in the wall. That's the latest with my studio.....will keep you posted. I'm off to do a class at our LSS today with the Saddlebrooke Stampers - we will be playing all day down in Tucson. Hopefully I will be able to take some photos of our fun day tonight and post them tomorrow. Enjoy your day and remember.....Keep living your dream.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Official

Hi Stampers! Taking the plunge into the fabulous world of bloggin (okay - I know - I'm years behind you'all). We just moved to Arizona after spending what seems like my entire life in Madison, Wisconsin and have to say that I'm so HOME-SICK for not only my daughters and grandchildren...but also the many many friends that I've made over the years. SO...what better way to stay connected to all.......but to set-up a blog. I hopefully will share my adventures of Arizona and the many creations that I am designing in my new Arizona studio. Until next time......Continue Living Your Dream! Kadie