Friday, December 31, 2010

What's On Your Refig........

It's New Year's Eve and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the day than sharing with you my latest masterpieces from my grandkids...... One of my first blog post on my Kards by Kadie blog was .............What's On Your Refigerator? It was showing you what I had hung on my refigerator door. I figured I would end the year sharing an updated picture of "What's on my Refig" with you............ Every year I forward to the grandkids a gingerbread picture along with their invitation to attend the annual Gingerbread House decorating party. This year, I was able to be with the grandkids when they did their gingerbread houses.....and these are the pictures they colored for me. This first picture is from my youngest grandson Steven..........He amazes me on how detailed he is with his coloring.
Next in line is Brooke (a.k.a. Doll Baby). Brooke started 1st grade this year and really works hard to create a masterpiece that not only has coordinating colors....but......totally stays within the lines. She did an amazing job!
Moving on to Hailey......She's a NaNa fact.....she's all girl. Of all the grandkids....she takes coloring to a whole new level. She will work on something for hours (if needed) and stays with it until it's done to perfection. She's great at creating and loves to craft with me when she can. Her work is done with TOTAL LOVE!
And lastly is Jared....our oldest grandson. He loves to draw and sketch....and does an amazing job at creating...........He has lots of color pencil and marker sets and amazes me with the artwork that he creates. I keep telling him that someday he will be famous for the artwork that he creates........Needless to say.....all of the artwork that any of the grandkids give to me - IS PRICELESS..........
So I end 2010 with a final picture of what's on my refig........Thank You for visiting my blog and I would like to Wish you.......Peace ..... Love ..... Success ..... Good Health ..... Buckets of Happiness ..... and Endless Opportunities in 2011.
Happy New Year Friends......and remember.......Keep Living Your Dream!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

York Peppermint Patties

The countdown has begun.......only one more day left to close the chapter on 2010.........I'm pretty ready to say good-bye to 2010 and welcome in 2011......are you? Today I want to share one of the last Christmas treats I made this year. They were snowmen covering York Peppermint Patties...........How cute are these? Seriously QUICK.......and Seriously EASY. Sandwich your York Peppermint Pattie between two white scallop circles........Take a 1" square and a SU word window punch to form the hat.....punch out a red flower (I used the SU trio flower punch.........add your hat to the top of your scallop circle. Add two-1/4" circles for the eyes.....a triangle for the nose and hand draw a smile.......DONE.
I made several of these for my daughters co-workers and a few for my SaddleBrooke neighbors. It just wouldn't be a crafting holiday unless I make a few of these. Hope your able to give these a try next year.........
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and hoping to end my blog for 2010 with a special post......keeping my fingers crossed that all my photo's come together. Enjoy the rest of your day and I'll leave you today with a group shot of my York Peppermint Pattie Snowmen..........Until tomorrow.........
Keep Living Your Dream!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kit Kat Snowmen

Well....the Holiday's might be coming to an end....but....I still have LOTS of Holiday projects to share with you....Today......It's the Kit Kat Snowmen wrappers.........check these out..... Aren't these little faces ADORABLE?
I made these up for my oldest grandson to take in to his classmates.....and also for my daughters to take into their co-workers. Theser are super easy to make. Just cut a piece of white card stock the length of your kit kat bar.....then wrap it around the candy bar. Embellish with a hat and a couple circles for eyes.....a triangle for the nose and draw in the mouth.......DONE!
These few went to some of my SaddleBrooke Friends.........They are always on my list of things to make for the holidays..........In Fact........You'll probably be seeing these in 2011 around Christmas time.
Hope you have a great Wednesday.....Just two more days before we welcome in 2011.........Hope you have FUN plans for New Years Eve. I'll be back tomorrow to share another holiday snowman with you.....Until Thursday.......Keep Living Your Dream!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Mouse

It's Tuesday today and thank you for stopping by my blog to see my Christmas Mouse posting. I made these Candy Cane Mouses for the retreat ladies and also for my SaddleBrooke Stamper Friends........ The pattern came from my stamping buddy Kris Holmes.......I made mine in three different colors......Light Tan........Dark Chocolate......and Mousey Gray.
Just love their little faces............
And here are two o the Candy Cane Mouse treats...........These are also what I made for my Granddaughter Brooke's classmates.
Thanks for stopping by........I'll be sharing the snowmen treats I made for the retreat with you tomorrow.......Keep Living Your Dream!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Retreat Bookmarks

Happy Monday..........Hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend.....and your preparing for a fabulous upcoming New Year weekend. I had some bookmarks for the ladies who attended the Wisconsin retreat a couple weeks ago - but didn't have an opportunity to hand these asked my daughter to hold on to them and pass them out at our next retreat. Check these out....... I made these with the SU bookmark die and cut them out on the fold and not making the cut on the fold. This created a longer and double sided bookmark. The idea is to have the bookmark slip over the page to mark it......and........
I added magnetics to the scallop section and that allows you to slide the bookmark over the page you want to mark and then the magnetic secures your page.
Here's a picture and a close-up of the magnetics I secured on each end of the bookmark.
I made one bookmark for each of my daughters and one for each of the grandkids. All the grandkids are starting to read and they were thrilled to receive a bookmark of their own.
Thanks for stopping by to visit me at my blog today.........I will be posting some of the treats I made for my SaddleBrooke Stamper friends for Christmas........Until tomorrow.....Keep Living Your Dream!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gift from Opal

Happy Sunday to you.........Hope you have recoveried from Christmas and are heading full speed towards the New Year. Today I will be sharing a cute little gift that my SaddleBrooke Stamping Friend Opal brought over to me..........CHECK IT OUT: Opal made me this really cute reindeer box and filled it full of yummy candy.
Opal brought this over while I was in Wisconsin and left it sitting on my studio desk. I was greeted with it when I came home from my visit.
And when I opened it up......WOW........Talk about yum!
This will be displayed in my studio in a special spot on the top of my bookcase. Thank You Opal for making me this special little Christmas gift......I LOVE IT!
Until tomorrow...........Keep Living Your Dream!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas....... Today, I will be sharing a Christmas gift I received from my Best Friend from Wisconsin. Nancy bought me this amazing present........can you guess what it is? Check it out..............she bought this for me at a recent Art Fair in Tucson..........
Have you figured it out yet?
READY.....It's a hand crafted Tic Tac Toe game.
It's a hand crafted piece of etched glass with matching stones which have been designed with X's and O's to create a perfectly crafted Tic Tac Toe game. I just know that Nancy knows my entire house was designed with two main colors..........Red and Orange. I'm sure that she saw this game in this amazing orange color and figured it was perfect for our home in Arizona.
LOVE IT NANCY.......thank you for thinking of me and for giving me the most amazing Christmas gift I received this year. YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and have been blessed with wonderful friends and caring family members. Merry Christmas and continue living your dream!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and hope you are able to spend the day/night with all those special family and friends that make you SMILE. It's Jack and I tonight along with the Chevy Chase movie "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation". It's a classic and a favorite for us to watch on Christmas Eve night. Here is what I'm going to be missing tonight and Christmas Day: Steven (my little man)......Hailey (my true girly girl).........Madelyn (our oldest).......Brooke (my Doll Baby) and Jared (our Packer Backer) across the back of the sofa. This is a picture of the five of them at my daughter's house in Wisconsin............This is one of the better pictures of all that we took that day where the kids aren't all making faces.
The other three people in my life that I will not be spending Christmas Eve or Christmas with are my son Michael.......Daughter Cheryl.....and Daughter Jenni.
Cheryl and Jenni both have families back in Wisconsin and they have serious traditions that they join in on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. son Michael.......will be spending his Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his kids in St Louis.
I will probably web cam the kids on Christmas morning to see and hear all about what Santa had left them............And Jack and I are planning to have dinner at home both tonight and tomorrow.
Merry Christmas to all and to all..........Keep Living Your Dream!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jot This Down Booklet

Happy Thursday to you......SO GLAD that you joined me today. I'll be sharing with you today another gift that I made for my scrappin friends in Wisconsin for our retreat a couple weeks ago. This gift was a little something that I originally made for my grandkids (to have in the car to entertain them while Mom was driving).......and I thought it might be a nice little something for my friends to slip in their purse. I used chocolate chip cardstock and a stamp set from Paper Trey Ink to create this white board booklet for your purse.
When you open the booklet - it has a section on the top to store a kleenex......and the bottom has a clear arylic sheet attached with two brads and acts as a white erase board to jot down a note. I added a expo pen to the middle of the holder so everything is right there for you every time you want to write a quick note.
Here's a sample of what was written on the acrylic sheet - so all the ladies knew what the purpose of the booklet was for.'s a close-up shot of the booklet.........Too Cute! last photo of the front scallop piece that embellished the front of the booklet.
The ladies loved their gift and I know each of them will be carrying this fun little booklet in their purses. I had so much fun making these and loved the look on the ladies faces when they received them.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve ...... and I have some amazing photo's to share with you of my kids. Until tomorrow....Keep Living Your Dream!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowmen Hershey Bar Wrapper

Today I will be sharing another of the gifts that I made for my Scrapbooking Buddies back in Wisconsin......I would like to think this was one of my own creations....but.........It's not. This I obtained from Kerry's Paper Craft blog ( She posted this video on November 7th and I just knew when I saw these little guys they would be coming to Wisconsin with me. These are preprinted snowmen that are wrapped around a regular sized hersey candy bar. You add a fleece hat (that you create with a single stiched seam) and an adorable black scarf........
Here's a close-up of the snowmen's face and his adorable fleece hat.
The file that Kerry's has a link to print out these snowmen....and basically all your going to do is make the hat's. I ended up making 20 of these and plan to share them with my SaddleBrooke Stamping Buddies.
Thanks Kerry for posting these adorable snowmen hershey bar Wisconsin scrappin buddies LOVED them and I know that many of my bloggin friends will enjoy them too.
If you are interested in viewing Kerry's You Tube video post.....check it out here:
Stop back tomorrow when I'll share yet another one of the gifts that I made for my friends at the Wisconsin retreat..........Keep Living Your Dream!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Faux Leather Purse

Today, I will be sharing another gift that I made for my scrapbooking friends in Wisconsin (for the retreat). Check out this embossed faux leather purse I made for each of them...... I used three of the SU Bigz Die and embossed each of them and before heat-setting them....I ran my bone folder tip across the surface to form wavy lines and then heat-set the piece to resemble a faux leather look.
Here's the purses and the three tags that I slipped inside each of the purses.
I added a velcro closure to keep the purse closed....along with a piece of 1/4" grossgrain ribbon to the side and that was the handle for each of the purses.
I made a template for the center (or purse middle) for each purse.....added sticky stripe around the edges and assemblied the center pieces and attached a front and back purse piece to this. This formed the purse......I added a lid to the top of the purse and ended up with this cute little purse creation.
Here's a photo of the three SU Bigz Dies all cut/folded and ready to be attached to the center purse piece.
These purses were a LOT of work......but .... the end results were that they turned out SO CUTE that it was worth all the work that went into them. The ladies LOVED them and that was all I needed to know.
Hope you can stop back tomorrow.....I'll be sharing a cute little snowman candy bar that I made for each of the retreat ladies. Until tomorrow......Keep Living Your Dream!

Monday, December 20, 2010

2-More Gifts from Dawn

Happy Monday Friends........Hope you are back into full swing after a great December weekend. Today, I'm going to share two additional gifts that my scrapbooking buddy Dawn made for me last weekend at our retreat. What could this envelope with a one inch circle be........ It's an amazing skating elf card that Dawn was making for her son's hockey team. I was admiring Dawn's great coloring job and this little elf just stoled my heart............
Check out how cute these gift card holder turned out..........
Dawn's hockey team was going to receive these gift card envelopes filled with quarters for an outing they had planned last weekend. The next thing I would like to share is this amazing holiday gift tag that Dawn had made.......
I thought this tag was so reflective of Christmas that I think Dawn felt she would give me one just to SHUT ME UP..........How cute is this tag?
And here's a close-up of the tag and all the bling that Dawn added to it. LOVE IT!
I'm planning to share with you over the next couple of days the projects that I made for my scrapbooking buddies from last weekend. I had made gifts for each of the ladies and got up super early to have them at their work station when they got up......HOWEVER.....I didn't take a picture of all the'm only going to be able to share a few of those gifts with you. Stop back tomorrow and I'll begin sharing those gifts with you. Until Tuesday morning.....remember.....Keep Living Your Dream!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gift from Kaila

It's Sunday and hope your weekend has been jammed pack-filled with FUN. Today, I'm going to share with you a gift that my scrapbooking friend Kaila made for me at our retreat last weekend. Check this out...........Can you even guess what these are?????? Kaila took a single sheet of glue dots and made HAND-MADE embellishments for each of the glue dots on the single sheet.......can you stand it. I think this is one of the most BRILLIANT gifts I have ever received. Talk about amazing.........
This is what Kaila presented to all 15 of us at the retreat last weekend. A dozen embellishment circles that are all ready to be placed on a card or scrapbook page. I am talking......LOTS OF WORK on this project. She hand stamped........punched and assemblied each of these circles. WOW..........
Here's a close up of some of my favorite pieces........
And here is what the back side of the embellishment sheets looks like. They are ready to be peeled off the plastic sheet and can be stuck directly to my project
And here is one last final look at Kaila's creations.
I am SO BLESSED to be surrounded by such talent as these dozen scrapbooking ladies tht I spent last weekend with......their work is so detailed and so professional........I only wish my scrapbooking pages and cards looked as good as what they do.......YOU ALL ROCK!
So tomorrow I'll share a few more things that I received from last weekends scrapbooking retreat.........So ........ hope you can return back here tomorrow and be WOW'ed. Until Monday morning........Keep Living Your Dream!