Monday, June 29, 2015

Mix It UP! Monday - KISS Technique

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
Today is Mix It UP! Monday and I have a great new product card to share with you.  I shared with you yesterday my version of a card I CASE'd from my Stampin' Success magazine.  What I want to share with you today is the 'Mixed-UP!' version of that very same card.  Today's card version uses the exact same product I used to create yesterday's card ....... with some additional product and a fun stamping technique.  Let's jump right in with my card share for today.......
 Here are the two cards I created.  The card on the left is the card I shared with you yesterday.
Today's 'Mixed-UP!' version of that same card uses a fun "KISS" technique that I didn't use on my original card.  Let me share with you how I did the "KISS" technique.

To create the "KISS" technique all you need is a solid/bold image (for mine I used the heart from the "Perfect Pennants").  You ink up your bold stamp (for mine I used So Saffron ink) and then 'kissing' it to an un-inked pattern stamp (for mine I used the "I Think You're Great" stamp set).  All that is left to do is stamp your image onto your cardstock (for mine I used Whisper White cardstock).  When you "kiss" these stamps together.......The pattern from the second stamp removes some of the ink from the heart stamp and the results are a fun texture with different shades of the same ink. 
You can see in the picture above all the texture I was able to capture on my So Saffron heart by using this "KISS" technique.
My Cucumber Crush tag was created the exact same way on my 'Mix-It UP! Monday' card as it was on my original card.
But for my 'Mixed-Up' version......I used Whisper White Embossing Powder to give my tag an even BIGGER POP! 
And one final touch was to gather my Cucumber Crush 1" Lace Trim with some Whisper White Baker's Twine and create a pretty little bow for the top of my tag. 
So there you have it friends ........ A fun little card that goes from simple and basic ........ To a version that is 'Mixed-UP!' and packs a whole lot of WOW FACTOR!
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share a fun 3-D Tuesday project with you ....... Hope you can make plans to stop back and  join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream! 

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  1. Sweet "kissed" hearts! Another beautiful card!