Monday, December 16, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty!

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
Before I jump into my blog share for today......I have a few more Elf on the Shelf pictures to share with you. 
Here's Lucky (Elf on the Shelf) doing a little midnight reading to Chow and a few of his friends in Twoie's bedroom. 
And here's the Sewell's Elf doing a little late night reading to some friends in the living room!
And what would Christmas be without the Elf taking a spin on the Sewell's ceiling fan.....
And Lucky took a quick spin on the White House ceiling fan.  Somehow Lucky got all of Trinity's Chew Toys up on the ceiling fan too!  I truly am BLESSED to have two daughters that care enough and take the time to send these pictures to me of all the fun my grandkids are having back in Wisconsin with their Elf on a Shelf.  THANKS GIRLS!
Today I have a little share that has NOTHING to do with anything I created in my Studio.........but EVERYTHING to do with the view I saw from my Studio Window last weekend.

Can you spot what I saw outside my studio window?
(You want to look in the lower left hand corner)
This is what I saw when I reached over to grab my camera!
This Bobcat moved SO QUICKLY.....that in a heartbeat......he was up on the wall and GROWLING at SOMETHING!
Come to find out that he was growling at another Bobcat that was just the other side of my window!
(This must have been when I knocked into the glass on my window......And he realized he was being watched.  OR....should I say.....I was being watched!)
There was lots of HISSING and GROWLING going on at the side of our house.....and then the two of them settled down on our back wall.
This is the guy that stayed with us for about a half hour.......
It made no difference to him that I was standing outside (but right next to my sliding door) and clicking pictures of him.......with the zoom on my camera of course.
He finally settled down and stretched out on the wall.......
And as he started to relax........
All I could do was enjoy the beauty of my backyard!
Now SERIOUSLY........Can you are getting SLEEPY?
But OH NO.....the faintest of sounds and his eyes sprung wide open!
Here he is about 20 minutes he jumped off the back wall and started walking through our back yard.  (He's at the far left hand end of our pool.)
It was right about here that almost in a FLASH.....
Two other Bobcats appeared and within SECONDS.........all three of them were up and over the back wall.
What an afternoon!  I have to tell you that when I looked up from my studio desk and saw the first sign of the two Bobcats.....I knew it was going to be a wild and fun ride.
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share with you a BEAUTIFUL basket I received from my friend Debbie.   Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Great pictures of the elf. The kids must love finding him each day. Oh my gosh, bobcats in the back yard - aren't you worried they will come when you're outside. He didn't seem to be afraid of you. Your back yard is beautiful even with the bobcats!

  2. Oh my LORD Kadie. Holy buckets of BIG fur babies. Wow...I couldn't even imagine having something like this in my back yard and I live out in the middle of no where N of Midland Michigan. Goodness, Gracious!
    And, are those palm trees and cactus and an orange tree. OMGosh...your yard is so BEAUTIFUL. WOW. And, a pool. Oh my! And, flowers blooming. Oh my!my!my! WOW!
    Honest to Goodness all those stuffed animal scenario's are so stinkin' cute. It really looks like he is reading to the rest of them. How cute and wonderful of your daughter. Too funny and great memories. Thank you so much for sharing everything.

  3. You are LUCKY to see 3 bobcats in your yard!!! I saw one years and years ago when I was about 20 and I have never forgotten it. What state are you in? Looks like Arizona or California? And how fortunate you got such wonderful photos.

  4. How fortunate you are to have spotted these beautiful creatures right in your own back yard! Thank you for sharing your experience Kadie!

  5. Bobcat party at Kadie's. I'm in complete awe. What a show and what gorgeous creaturesQ

  6. Such cool photos of the bobcats!

  7. Thanks for posting the elf pics Mom. It's so much fun to create new adventures for Lucky each day.

    Great pics of the bobcats too. were "up close and personal" that's for sure. Seemed as if s/he wanted to be photographed and kept striking the poses. LOL!

  8. Your bobcat photos are excellent!

    I love nature and how unpredictable it can be. Again, beautiful photos.