Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Planner

Happy Thursday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have a fun little Christmas Planner to share with you.   The kit was designed by Monica Gale and came delivered to my home last year........(I know....can't rush into things!).  I figured it was time to dust off the package and give it a go.  Here is what I created........
This Christmas Planner came with all the pieces I needed to create this darling little planner.
It's basically one 12x12 sheet of heavy cardstock that is scored and folded to make a booklet type planner.
Here's what the front cover looks like......
And the accordion folded planner is closed with a tab and some Velcro.
Here's a close-up of that Velcro closure piece.
Once you release the Velcro......
The planner opens up and reveals four individual pockets.
Here's the first two pockets......
And a close-up of the "Stocking Stuffers" list and the "Calendar" list.........
And the other two pockets......
That give me a place to write some of my "Gift Ideas" and "Shopping List" items.
I think the single best thing about this planner is the fun embellishments that were used to decorate the bottom portions of the pockets.
Here's a fun snowflake and a reindeer ticket that was used to create a pocket for one of the tags!
And here's a close-up of that reindeer pocket.
And here's another snowflake and a couple more tags that were used to dress up these two pockets.
And one final look at the inside of my Christmas Planner.
There you have it friends.......I can officially say that I am ready for Christmas 2014.  Only problem.....where to store this planner so I can find it next year when the holidays arrive?
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share a Christmas Keepsake Album I made.......Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Very elegant looking! I love all those details. Monica really takes her paper crafting above and beyond. I love those tickets with the horse drawn sleigh, prancing reindeer and the snowflakes. Very fresh and unique. Very nicely done. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Love the whole concept!

  2. Every turn and every photo a new delight. What a personalized way to prepare year round for the holidays!