Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What's in Your Garden

Hi Blogger Friends and Happy Wednesday to you. Today I'll be sharing a NON-PaperCraft post for you......It's actually everything that Jack and I planted in our yard this weekend. We were busy planting some fun color in our yard and I want to share that with you today..... Here are the three boxes of flowers that we picked up at the nursery last week. Because I was busy all the first half of this past Memorial Day weekend - Jack waited till Sunday to plant everything....and that way I was able to help out.
I will admit......I have ALMOST no clue to any of the names of the flowers/plants that we planted - all I know is what I like and without a doubt......I LOVE COLOR! These cosmos were just screaming our name as we were getting ready to check out........
Can't even tell you where everything ended up getting planted in our yard - just know that we set out to add some color to our backyard....and we manage to do just that.
Most of these - ended up going into smaller pots around the back wall of our yard......
These went across the back wall because of their height (and color)......
Orange is Jack's favorite color.....and these look fabulous in medium sized pot - and arranged under the palm tree by the pool.....
More pretty pretty flowers for the stair step planter boxes in the back yard.
This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise that is in a hanging basket and found it's new home right outside the kitchen window......I love looking at it every morning when I wake up and make my espresso........
There is something extra special about having white and yellow daisy (like) flowers in my yard. Totally reminds me of my childhood and makes me smile when I see them. These made their new home in a large pot which is located right in front of my view when I sit on our patio and look into the back yard. Seriously BEAUTIFUL!
And I leave you today with Jack's favorite color (orange)....and my favorite color (pink)....these two flowers have settled into their new homes and are making the time we spend on our patio so much prettier these days.
It's hard to believe that you would find this much color in Arizona....I always thought that the SouthWest was Brown.....Dirt and LOTS of HEAT. But seriously Arizona has lots of color and some of the most amazing sights that I think I will ever see. SO SERIOUSLY HAPPY living in the SouthWest.
Thanks for joining me today - I'm going to head off to Weight Watchers today and plan to do a weigh in. I was down another 1.5 pounds last week - so will have to see what I do today. It's all going towards a safety-net for when Jack and I go back to Wisconsin this summer.....I'm planning to eat at both Culvers and Michael's frozen custard while we are back there. Need to have some reserved weight loss in my back pocket so I can go back and enjoy some of the yummy places we use to go eat before we moed out to Arizona. I'll keep you posted tomorrow on what my new numbers look like. Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. so pretty! I just bought some flowers a couple of weeks ago and forgot to water them already. lol, they all died! i have such a black thumb! but these flowers are GORGEOUS and it looks like you take care of your plants very well!