Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday my Blogger Friends....You made it through another long week and can kick back....relax.....and enjoy the next couple of days. I will start your weekend off with some relaxing photo's of my BFF's husband Nick's Rose Garden. I'm not kidding when I say prepare yourself for some amazing color and pure beauty that is packed into a courtyard of my BFF's home in Arizona. Let's get started..... Here is the view when you walk out their front door.......ONE WHOLE WALL of their home is nothing but ROSES! You heard that right......ROSES in Arizona. It's true-I never would have thought that Roses would grow so CRAZY GREAT in the desert-but they do! Now for some close-up shots of all Nick's beauties......I'm hoping that Jan will leave me a comment in my comment section telling all of us the names of these beautiful roses (I know Jan - stop shaking your head-You've told me a couple times all their know....I live in SaddleBrooke). I'll refer to this little beauty as the Yellow Lovely! Here's a beautiful Rose colored rose..... This orange is SO MUCH PRETTIER in real life! The Pink was of course MY FAVORITE (and should be named Kadie-but I know it's not!) There also is two Red rose bushes - that I must have not gotten pictures of.....SO PRETTY and SO BRIGHT RED! What I can't bring to you in this post is the most amazing scent of roses that fills the couryard of Jan & Nick's home as I stood their admiring their roses. I seriously just stood there for a few moments before I started pruning their roses and took it all in! Thank You Nick for leaving me such a fabulous and lovely job to do this summer! Thanks for letting me share my BFF's beautiful Rose Garden with you - Nick surely has the green thumb and knows exactly what needs to be done to bring such beauty to his home in SaddleBrooke - truely lovely. I'll be back tomorrow to share some card projects that I've been working on. Today I'm heading up to Phoenix with my girlfriend Nancy to do some SERIOUS SHOPPING. We plan to go to Hobby Lobby.....IKEA....The Container Store and Michael's....I'll share any of my finds with you this weekend. Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. So pretty Kadie, and I could almost smell them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks for these photos. Nick will be tickled that you included them on your blog today. The red rose closest to the front door is Ingrid Bergman, the yellow rose is Henry Fonda, the pink rose is something like Fragrant Phantasy, the orange rose is Chris Evert and I can't remember the red rose by the gate. I live in SaddleBrooke too. ;) Hope your shopping expedition was great fun.

  3. I love roses, especially when they smell like roses! Hope to see you Monday.