Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Father's Day Nick

Happy Thursday my Blogger Friends - Today I'm dedicating my post to my BFF's husband Nick. Nick has asked me to take care of his plants while they are back in Colorado and he asked me to go water on the 1st and the 15th of the month....Today is the 15th so off I went to water. My first stop was to go to the back of the house and water the two BIG pots that are on their patio. Your probably wondering what the big deal on that is.....well...check out this picture. Do you spot the MaMa Quail that is on the top of their iron fencing? I surprised her when I started to dump water in the pot and out of the pot she flew! When she first came flying out of the pot - she scared me half to death.....and I thought what the heck.....why is there a bird in the pot.....then I realized....It's Spring Time in Arizona and the MaMa Quail are sitting on their eggs.......OH MY GOSH....All I could think of is....Nick is going to be a PaPa....or MaMa....or something.......check this out...... Can you see the eleven Quail eggs that are hidden in the rocks? Look a little closer..... Happy Father's Day Nick....Your going to be a MaMa.......or a PaPa! Your eleven babies are all snug in the big pot by your patio door. I did water the catcus - but I made sure that the eggs weren't floating in a puddle of water......all is good and MaMa Quail came back and tended to her eggs just as soon as I left the patio....... Here's a close up of your Eleven baby Quail Eggs.......I'll stop up there this weekend to see how things are looking. Not sure when MaMa layed the eggs - so it's anyones guess as to when they might hatch. Hope you can come back tomorrow when I'll be sharing some beautiful pictures of Nick's lovely lovely roses....which I trimmed today while I was up there. All is good in SaddleBrooke and hope you'all are enjoying your day. Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. WOW, that is so neat Kadie... Keep us updated with photos as well. I wonder when they will hatch.
    Have a great day.

  2. Nick will be thrilled when I show him these pics. He's in visiting his Mom this weekend in Montana. Thanks for the photos AND for taking such good care of our yard, Sweetie!

  3. This is too much fun! Keep us updated, please!