Monday, June 20, 2011

Card from BFF

Happy Monday my Blogger Friends and hope you are ready to kick off another fabulous week - OKAY....Let's not start out the week with such FUN - I know not everyones fit hit the floor happy every day....... We'll start out the week with a card I received from my BFF last week......How in the world does she keep out-doing herself? She did it again with this wonderful bright and happy card! It's kind of hard to see - but the pink paper she used was full of sparkle and glitter (but not the kind of glitter that rubs off on your hands....and ends up on your face!). The stamped message was so extra special to me.......LOVE the font-the color and of course ...... the message! And here's a close-up of not only the sparkly paper - but also the fabulous stamped image that Jan created. UNBELIEVABLE! Jan also added an extra large "Thank You" to the inside of her card......along with a special little message for me! Thank You Jan for sending me such a lovely card - I will sit down soon and make you an extra special card ..... can't believe you've been gone over three weeks and I haven't even sent you ONE CARD.....MY BAD! I'm off to join my friends up at the Ranch today - It's scrapbooking day and I'll be busy working on my recipe swaps today. Hope you'all have a fabulous day and can return tomorrow when I'll share a couple cards I received from some of my SaddleBrooke friends last week. Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. what a beautiful card from your friend.
    Enjoy the day at the ranch.