Monday, January 24, 2011


HAPPY MONDAY all.......Hope your weekend was AMAZING and you did some serious relaxing and ENJOY! (I DID!) As many of you know....I'm a SUCKER for an Arizona sunset - Sometimes I can't believe I'm 50-something and I NEVER knew there was such beauty in the end of the day (other than clocking out at work of course). The other night as I was preparing to leave for my SW Stampers meeting I heard Oliver and Olivia (sorry the neighor called me on their original names) who were both sitting up in the tree directly in front of my studio window........ Here they are all ready to begin their nightly hunt........ But as I was clicking the pictures in an attempt to get a close-up of my owl friends.....I realized that the sun was setting......and I was witnessing an amazing began clicking......
The PURE JOY was with each picture that I clicked from a distance.....the more beautiful things became........
And even though in these next two pictures you really have to know your looking at a pair of are amazed at how beautiful the sky is......
And I will leave you today with this final view of why I believe SaddleBrooke Arizona to be the most beautiful place in the world.
Hope you can rejoin me tomorrow when I'll be sharing some recent projects I have been working on.......SO.......Until Tuesday......REMEMBER......Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Kadie, I so love your photos. They are truly amazing. I love the owls and the sunset is lovely!


  2. Kadie what beautiful pictures. My husband and I love photography too. What beautiful creatures and sunsets you have.