Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunset in Arizona

Greetings Blogger Friends - Hope you are enjoying your Saturday and have plenty of time this weekend to enjoy your family and friends and are able to do something extra special for yourself. I'm feeling in a relaxed and happy kind of way today and thought I would share with you just a couple pictures of some of the amazing sunsets we have here in SaddleBrooke Arizona. This first picture I took on December 27 on a ride Jack and I were taking in the GolfCar.
Here we are on the final hole of one of our three (or maybe it's four) golf courses and as we stopped to look at some of the deer (which honestly are plentiful on all our courses), we turned around and saw this scene......UNBELIEVEABLE BEAUTIFUL! (this was also taken just two days before our big snow.........)
And these next two pictures are from my front yard........And taken on New Year's Day!
The saying here in SaddleBrooke is.......When the Catalina's (mountains) are P*I*N*K......It's time to D*R*I*N*K. Needless to say.......there's a whole lot of drinking that can go on in SaddleBrooke any particular night!
I'll be back to my regularly scheduled bloggin tomorrow.......Thanks for letting me share just a few of my non-Kardmaking pictures with you.......I promise to get back on track again tomorrow. Until Sunday.......Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Just caught up with the last two weeks of your blog. I can't believe how time flies. Thank you so much Kadie, for loving everything I make for you. I guess it's only fair, since I love everything you make for me too!!! Hugs, girlfriend!!