Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow In Arizona

Happy Friday Blogger Friends - Today I'll be sharing a bunch of pictures that I took the morning in December (2010) that it snowed BIG in Arizona. Let's get started.......... This picture was taken right outside our front door and I had taken about 4 pictures before I realized that I wasn't going to be able to get even one picture without getting the falling snowflakes in the picture.........
This picture is just a few minutes after the snow began........I'm still kicking myself for not even thinking of taking a picture of the final snowfall........DUUUHHHHHHH!
Within just a few minutes our entire front lawn was covered with HEAVEY......WET....SNOW!
The weather guys had been forecasting cold and I headed outside the night before to cover MANY of our flowers. Here is what it looked like after it started snowing and by the end......the sheets and towels I used to cover the plants were FROZEN SOLID. They were like boards when I went to take them off the plants. (WHAT A MESS!)
And one of my favorite pictures.......My pool and hot tub were starting to get covered with snow and blowing conditions. The palm tree in the back corner of my yard was just weighed down with snow on the palms.......UNBELIEVEABLE!
It was a day to remember.....and honestly.....I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. These pictures are totally for my grandson Steven......When I talked to him on Webcam later that day and I told him it snowed today in Arizona.......He said....."NaNa.....I just can't believe that it SNOWED in Arizona. It's it suppose to be really warm there?". It honestly was the way he said it and the expression on his face that made it PRICELESS!
Hope you have LOTS of FUN plans for this weekend........and remember.......KEEP LIVING YOUR DREAM!


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