Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My First Blog Award

Today, I have some AMAZING NEWS for you........Yesterday morning, I recieved an email messages from Yvonne at that said She was honoring me with the Stylish Blog Award.......CHECK IT OUT!

SERIOUSLY.......I had to read the email a second time before I could even get my arms around the fact that someone as talented and creative as Yvonne would even find anything interesting in my blog.....let alone be inspired by my blog. THANK YOU Yvonne - you seriously touched me with this award. The requirements for receiving this award is as follows: 1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.......That THANKS would be going back to Yvonne at 2) Share 8 things about yourself. 3) Give the award to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered. 4) Contact those bloggers and let them know about their award.

SO BLOGGING FRIENDS.......LET'S GET GOING! The 8 things about myself are.......

1) I'm flipped-Out Crazy in love with Jack (whom I met on a blind date)! 2) I have 6 of the most amazing grandkids EVER! (which seriously means...I have three of the most amazing children in the WORLD!) 3) My glass is ALWAYS half full. 4) I require VERY LITTLE SLEEP! (which many of you already know-wink/wink!) 5) I would walk many miles to see another Willie Nelson concert. 6) I have the most AMAZING Studio (thank you Jack). 7) I would really really LOVE to have a dog like the one on the Little Caesar Dog commercials. But seriously........don't tell Jack. 8) I'm Living The Dream every single day!

Here are the 8 blogs that I have recently found & love to visit!

1) Shelley at Cricut Cuteness: 2) Pam at Simply Pam: 3) Shannon at Cootie Creations: 4) Kassidy at Inking It Up Crazy: 5) Carissa at Sprinkle With Glitter: 6) Brenda at Qbeesquest: 7) Diana at Stamping Moon: 8) Amy at Prairie Paper and Ink: Please take some time to go check out these ladies blogs.....You will be INSPIRED by all their CREATIVITY AND STYLE. And once again Yvonne......MANY THANKS FOR PRESENTING ME WITH THE STYLISH BLOG AWARD! Live is good......and......I continue Living My Dream!

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  1. You should NOT be surprised by this "STYLISH BLOG AWARD"!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!