Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Cards 2011 (Part Two)

Happy Thursday Blogger Friends and Thanks for joining me today. Today I'll be sharing the final five cards I will be using for my family and friends birthday in 2011....Hope you get some ideas and enjoy your stop...... First up is a delightful little card that can be jazzed up with no limit. Change up your colors and you have a card made for that someone special on your birthday card giving list. This honestly is one of my favorite "GO TO CARDS". I use it often when I want to create a card for someone I know has favorite colors.........
This picture didn't turn out to good - but the card front flap (where the birthday hats are) will fold down and the flap behind it will lift up and the inside of the card has a small piece of white cardstocked in the center so I have a place to write my birthday message. I have made this card in many colors and have never made one that wasn't prettier than the next......
Speaking of PRETTY.....This little card was inspired (okay TOTALLY CASE'd) from my SU demo friend Mary ( Mary passed these cards out as her SW Stampers card swaps and I knew I would be making these for my 2011 birthday card. THANKS MARY for your amazing creation.......I LOVE IT!
Sorry for the HORRIBLE lighting issues with this me......This card is darlin! I watched Christina from "Make A Card Monday" design this card MANY MONTHS ago and wanted to include this in my 2011 birthday cards. The design is fun and jazzy and have to say the only time consuming part is embossing the "Happy Birthday" message. The rest of the card just FLEW together and I had SO MUCH FUN making these cards.
And last....but certainly not least is one of my oldest birthday cards I make. It's a card that I've been making since we lived in Wisconsin. It's a card I love to make when I'm feeling I haven't had enough time in my studio stamping.......I grab out my inks (you can make these in a rainbow of colors) and stamp four candles in the lower section of my card.........add a flame to each of the candles and make a large oval "happy birthday" message above the candles. Top it all off with a coordinating ribbon and WOW......I have not only created a fun birthday card.....But.....I've fed my need to stamp. LOVE IT!
So there you have birthday cards for 2011 and the process on how I stay organized and on top of all the birthdays I celebrate during the year. Thanks for stopping by and hope you can return for more Kards by Kadie creations. Keep Living Your Dream!


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