Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Book

Hi Blogger Friends - I've been asked MANY TIMES "how is it that you NEVER miss a birthday. I have to say.......If I know it's your birthday....I DON'T MISS IT! And the way I do that is by my birthday calendar book. It's made up from 13 Business Sized Catalog Envelopes and they are decorated and ring-bound. Each month has it's own envelope and a calendar on the front of the envelope for me to write down every single birthday on the front and I can use this envelope system from year to year........when I prepare (in advance) my birthday cards, I simply drop the prepared birthday card into the envelope and pull those out at the beginning of each month so I have all that particular months birthday ready to be mailed. It's totally a system that works for me and today (and over the next couple of days) I want to share my birthday cards for this year.........Let's get started. Here's what my birthday calendar book looks like. As you can see....the 13 envelopes are bound together with two big O-Rings and the front along with all the envelopes throughout this book decorated with DSP and ribbon. Here's what I've been busy all year working on......birthday cards by the dozen. When I sit down and make a birhtday card.....I typically will try to make a dozen of the same card. That way I always have enough cards and those left over.....I can donate to charity.
Here's a close up of six of the birthday cards that I will be using this year for my family and friends.........
And here are the final four designs of my 2011 birthday cards.
This is a fun and easy way for me to stay organized........and I find myself NOT RUNNING around at the eleventh hour trying to pull together a birthday card.
I'll be sharing over the next couple of days a close-up of each of my 2011 cards.....so...Hope you can return Wednesday and Thursday for that review.
Thanks for stopping by today and Keep Living Your Dream!


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