Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Cards for Christmas 2010 Part TWO

I interrupt todays post to wish my honey a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Today is Jack's birthday and I want him to have the most amazing birthday possible. Jack is a pretty low key kind of guy - and the most difficult person to buy for. The way to Jack's heart is through is stomach. SO....My gift to Jack will be an amazing homemade dinner along with a double chocolate cake (just for him). Happy Birthday big guy! Now.........I return you to our regularly scheduled blog post. Today I will be sharing the second batch of handmade Christmas cards that I received this year. Let's get started...... This first card is from my friend Beth (who I worked and stamped with back in Wisconsin). She made this sweet sweet card which she embossed the vellum on the bottom section of her card and stamped the most amazing santa and popped him up on her card. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors of this card. THANK YOU Beth for remembering me.....This was my very first card this year.
Next up is Berta. Berta is another one of my Crafternooner pals......and truly does the most amazing job with each and every card she ever makes. When others are rushing through to get their cards can be sure that when you receive a card from Berta.....It will be done to PERFECTION. She doesn't let a card leave her hands unless she is totally and completely PLEASED with it. THANK YOU BERTA FOR YOUR AMAZING CARD!
My next card is from one of Jack's cousins in Indiana.......Ann is truly an artist and every time I receive something in the mail from her......It HONESTLY ......... BLOWS ME AWAY! Ann doesn't use stamps or prepared images......every single one of Ann's images are hand sketched and shaded/colored in. Ann LOVES LOVES LOVES snowmen and every year I think she would never be able to out-do herself and I'm knocked off my feet when I open her envelopes (which by the way are also hand sketched with snowmen images). This year....she did it again.....she sent the most amazing snowman and colored him in. THANK YOU ANN for all the time and energy you put into each and every card you send me (I too have saved all your cards).
And last (but not least) BFF's card! Jan is the Queen of Stamping ........ Coloring ...... Crafting ...... Creating ......... Dieting ....... and all good things that SHINE! I keep saying to Jan that I want to be like her when I grow up. She did an amazing job of coloring with her Copic markers. I can honestly say.....I have never met anyone who can color better than my BFF Jan. And this card shows how talented she is. Love Love Love her little Magnolia Gal on the front of this card - totally makes me think of Christmas back in Wisconsin. THANKS Jan for all you do!
So hopefully that gave you maybe a few ideas to tuck away for your Holiday Cards for 2011. I would like to thank each of my stamping buddies that sent me a handmade card this year for the all those friends who remembered me and sent a Holiday card my way......I appreciate every single Holiday card I received this year. Thank You!
Have a few surprises planned for the rest of the week - stop back tomorrow and take a look at what I have planned for you. Until tomorrow.......Keep Living Your Dream!


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