Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Gift From Ann

Happy Friday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have a special little share for you.......It's a darling little Eater Card and FABULOUSLY YUMMY treat that my good friend Ann LaPerre made for me.  Check this out.......
Here is the card that Ann made for me.  I just love the bunnies hiding in the three flower pots. Ann is one of my friends that can do magic with ANY coloring product.  It can be watercolors .... pens ...... markers .... WHATEVER she has the talent of turning it into PURE ART!
Check out her coloring on not only the flower pots.....but also the CUTE CUTE Bunnies on this panel.
She made my card PINK (how did she ever know......) and she added some amazing and PRETTY touches to my card.  These pink and white flowers with pearls in the middle are GORGEOUS ....... and the lace border trim added just one more layer of pretty to my card.
Here is the pretty pink Easter Bag that Ann made for me........
She even decorated the front with a HOPPY Bunny and a SPECIAL EGG........
But the real SURPRISE was when I unwrapped the bow and looked inside.  Check out what Ann tucked inside my Easter Bag......
A bag of these DELIOUS Dilettante Chocolate covered Cherries.
OH MY GOSH.......Once these get opened.....They will be gone in a heartbeat!
And here are all three pieces of my SUPER SWEET Easter Gift that Ann made for me.  THANK YOU ANN for thinking of me.......I will think of you as I CONSUME these SUPER YUMMY TREATS!
Thanks for joining me today........I'll be back tomorrow with the fun Easter Surprise I'm going to be delivering to my SaddleBrooke Friends in the morning.  Hope you can swing by to join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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