Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Card from Hailey

Happy Easter My Blogger Friends!
Today I have an extra special Easter card to share with you......It's one my granddaughter Hailey made for me.  Check out what I received in the mail from her.......
This is my first Skype Sunday card that Hailey made especially for me.  I'm figuring she made me this one because it's PINK.....
She used lots of Stickles on her Easter Eggs and made some pretty designs on each of them.
She even added a white bunny tail on one of the bunnies.....and a pink bunny tail on the center bunny!
Here's the embossed background that was done in Pretty in Pink!
And the sweetest part of my card was what Hailey wrote on the inside (bless her for remembering Jack (a.k.a. Pop Pop).......
And she even has a special Stampin' UP! "Made By" stamp with her name.  She loves this stamp and uses it on all her cards.
Thanks for joining me today!  Jack and I will be celebrating Easter with each other today.......Making a small ham dinner and probably eating it out on our Ramada while enjoying some GORGEOUS Arizona weather.  I'll be back tomorrow to share the Easter place cards and wrapped candies that Hailey made for their Easter Dinner at the White's House.  Hope you can come back tomorrow to join me for that share.  Happy Easter Friends!   Keep Living Your Dream!