Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carol's Spring/Easter Treats

Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have an extra special Spring/Easter Treat for you.  It's a GORGEOUS gift that my good stamping friend Carol N made for me.  She created four cute COOKIES ON A STICK creations and brought all four of them over for me. (I think I actually SQUEALED when she handed them to me!)   Check these cuties out........
Here's all four of the creations that Carol made for me.  They are cookies on a stick and she made them with Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies.  She melted down and colored some white chocolate and designed a Chick.....a Kitty......a Pig and a Frog. 

Here's the CHICK........
I just love how Carol designed his little face.  OH SO CUTE!
Next up is the CUTE CUTE Kitty......
SERIOUSLY......who wouldn't think this was the cuties gift ever?
Here is the little Pig that Carol made......
This is probably my most favorite of all the creations.
LOVE how Carol made his nose!
And last is the Turtle.....
I know this creation will be Hailey's favorite.
It has such fun texture on his back and the green........SO REAL LOOKING!
SO....there you have it......The four Spring/Easter Treats that Carol made.  I feel so blessed to have such a fabulous friend in Carol.....and the fact that she can create all the fun Double Stuff Oreo TREATS is a bonus!  Thank You Carol for thinking of me.
I'll be back tomorrow to share more Kards by Kadie creations with you......Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dram!


  1. I'm with Hailey . . . the turtle is my favorite. Yummy share!

  2. Well I need a friend named Carol N! Yummy treats!