Saturday, July 09, 2011

Cards from my Little People

Hi my blogger friends and todays blog post is seriously dedicated to my little grandkids back in Wisconsin. They enjoy seeing their art on my blog and today will be reserving the entire post to just that......Their amazing works of art they made for my birthday. Let's get this party started....... First up is the card that my littlest man made for me......Steven. He not only wished me a Happy Birthday but then he did a drawing of both him and me....... Guess he has seen me enough on the webcam that he even realizes that I've lost 45 pounds! Here is the card that Hailey, Jared and Steven mae up for me. I believe it's was Hailey who put this little cutie together and then the boys came in and signed their names to the back of my fun Owl Birthday card. This next little number is from my youngest granddaughter.....Brook-E. Seems like each year I receive an amazing bear card from Brooke - and this year she went over the top with not only bears....but glitter. But what steals the show on this card is the amazing pics she drew of me (dreaming of whatelse but.....Sponge Bob).
Here's my card from my daughter Jenni and son-in-law Michael.......SO Sweet and SO touching on the inside!
And I leave you with my final card today - and that is one from my oldes daughter Cheryl. She's my crafty scrapbooker and newly found card maker......Check out the cute little sundae card she made for me with her gypsy and her cricut........HOW FUN!
She even added sprinkles on top! She did an amazing job and I love love love my card Cheryl!
Many thanks to my daughters and all my little people back in Wisconsin....I miss you and can't wait to see you in August.
Thanks for letting me share my birthday cards with you and I plan to return tomorrow to share some of the projects I created for my Open House last weekend. I have dedicated the next week to sharing those Open House projects and cards with you........SO.......Hopefully you can drop back in and let me share those creations with you. I promise you........there will be something for everyone to enjoy over the next weeks post. Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Great cards Kadie... You are special to some little people. Those cards made me smile. Have a great day.