Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Quail - Not such Babies Anymore......

Happy Ding Dong Tuesday to you my Blogger Friends.  The week is moving ahead in full steam and I thought today I would slow it down a bit and share some Arizona Wild Life with you.  This year - I have been blessed with three different Quail Families in my yard.   I have a family of three babes (that's this family)....one family with two babes and one family with five babes.  My all time favorite family is the one I'm going to share with you today.
These three little siblings have grown up right in front of my studio window (and I do mean RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY STUDIO WINDOW).  They have given me countless hours of entertainment and even more hours of lauhgter.  When these little guys take off a running - They first of all run like they have roller skates on........and then I think they are trained to split into different directions when they HAUL IT away.
I actually zoomed in from my studio window for this shot and here my three little siblings are feeling fearless and on their own withou MaMa and Pop standing right next tot hem.  Trust me.....MaMa and Pop aren't too far away!
These little guys pretty much stay together - unless something spooks them and then it's anyones guess which direction they are going to take off in (and that would be where the countless hours of laughter comes into play for me from these little guys).
Here's MaMa rounding up the three babes........and in perfect form...........the babes take their place behind MaMa and begin their fast and frenzy march to keep up with MaMa. (seriously their little legs move in such a speed that it looks like they are just rolling across the ground - hence the reason why our golf course community residents say the Baby Quail look like little golfballs)
And then Pop entered the picture and they all settled right down and got down to business.  I just think that if I can come back in another form.........I want to come back as a baby Quail.  It amazes me how both the male and female take such an active rule in raising their young - and both parents are so loving and protective - that I think being a baby Quail would be a BLAST!

Thanks for letting me share my Baby Quail pictures with you......I'll be back to my regular programming tomorrow with a FABULOUS Flip Flop creation to share with you.  Keep Living Your Dream!


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