Friday, July 08, 2011

B-Day Gift & Cards

It's FRIDAY my blogger friends and that means we are all ready to begin another FABULOUS weekend - RELAX - UNWIND - and make time to do some serious PLAYING this weekend. I'm going to share with you today a few more birthday cards and a gift I received. Let's get started........... First up is Jan's birthday card that she included with my fabulously yummy birthday book - check out this amazing card......It seriously matches the gift that Jan made for me.
Every single piece of DSP and Cardstock that Jan used on my birthday card was also used on the 3-D book that Jan made for me.
Next up is the beautiful card that my stampin friend Kris Holmes made for me. Kris had sneaked into my stamping studio during my Open House last Friday and placed this card on my desk - I was so surprised to find it after my Open pretty and so fun!
There were so many pieces to this card that I fell in LOVE with. I espeically loved how Kris pleaded the DSP at the bottom of my card.......And the cupcake was well prepared that I almost wanted to take a bite of it. Beautiful - Beautiful Card Kris. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into my amazing birthday card.
And last (but certainly not least.....) is this darling darling gift that Sandy Polencheck made for me. When she handed it to me I just couldn't believe how heavy it was (later I found out it was FILLED with CANDY) and then as I looked at it....I couldn't believe how much work Sandy had put into making this darling birthday cake. Check out all the detail to this fun cake.......
Sandy hand cut each and every one of these busy bees and cut....folded and decorated this FIVE LAYER Honey Comb Cake for me.......TOO SUPER CUTE and looks amazing on my studio desk. I haven't dug into the candy inside....mainly because I don't want to tear the top off of it - but I promise you something.......Knowing all this chocolate is hidden inside gives me comfort knowing that I can have a fatal chocolate attack at any time (and my little bee hive cake is waiting for me!). Thank you Sandy for seriously all the work that you put into this charming little number.
I'll be back tomorrow to share the rest of the birthday cards that I received. These are going to be the cards I received from my sweet family and amazing grandkids - they did some amazing artwork for me and I treasure each and every one of their works of art! Keep Living Your Dream.


  1. Really cute Kadie, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Beautiful! How are you kadie? Miss u! I'm so sad- I won't be able to come to Wisconsin when you will be there! I'm going the end of July. Bool! Thinking of you- tell Cheryl hi!

  3. Kris and Sandy surely sent their love and admiration with these birthday wishes and gifts!!! BOTH ARE SO FABULOUS!!!