Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hummingbird Day 3 AND Cards From Lisa Pretto

Happy Sunday My Blogger Friends!
Today is Day 3 of my Hummingbird Hatching and I want to share two quick pics with you.  I would NEVER BELIEVE that these little guys are only TWO and THREE days old.  The internet tells us the babes only stay in the nest for 14 days.......LORDY I can't believe how big they are going to be at Day 13.......
You can probably tell which one is Spike........(One on the Right)
And the second babe is Gizmo.....
Spike is bigger than Gizmo....but I'm hoping that little Gizmo catches up in record breaking time.

My card share for today are three cards I received from my Upline Lisa Pretto.  First up is this card from Lisa congratulating me on my January Sales.....
I was #2 in Sales in February with my InkBig Group......And Lisa sent me this "Way to Go" congrats card.
And this was my March congratulations card from Lisa.
LOVE LOVE LOVE receiving these cards from Lisa.........It's nice that she recognizes my hard work and inspires me to keep reaching my sales goals each month.
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share some cards that I made at a recent SaddleBrooke Stampers Fun Shop........Hope you can make plans to come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. It IS nice to be recognized for your accomplishments! My up-line gives us charms for our charm bracelet. Very sweet!

  2. That was very nice of your up-line. Cute cards. Thank you so much for the update on the 'hummers' too! That is just soooo cool! Thank you for sharing!

  3. love the simplicity of the cards from lisa . . . kuddos on your amazing sales as well as your two little additions (spike and gizmo).