Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gift From Kris

Happy Thursday My Blogger Friends!
It's Day 7 of my Hummingbird update and I am BLOWN AWAY with how different my little hummers look today.  They have filled up the entire bottom of the nest and can be seen reaching up over the top of the nest when Momma comes back to feed them.  Check my little cuties out.......
Spike is on the RIGHT....and Gizmo is on the LEFT!
How fabulous is this ....... that these little guys are right outside on my patio.  I am SO BLESSED!
My share today is a wonderful gift that my good friend Kris made for me. 
She created this folio notebook for me and I was soooo excited when she handed it to me.  The main reason is because the last notebook she made for me ended up becoming the property of Mr. Jack.  All I could think of is......He's not getting this one away from me!
Here's a peek at the inside of the notebook.....
But before I open this notebook up....I want to show you the amazing string closure that Kris made for my notebook.  This string closure does an amazing job of keeping this notebook closed but can be opened up in a flash to gain access to the inside......
And here is the inside of my notebook.......
Kris attached several sheets of Crumb Cake cardstock to the inside and just attached them with two quick staples.
I simply LOVE this notebook and will end up putting inside my purse for some quick shopping notes.  All I know is this one is OFF LIMITS to Mr. Jack.

Thank You Kris for my darling gift.....I seriously LOVE IT!

Thanks for joining me today.  I'm off to go shopping with Kris and Rochelle today......taking a much deserved DAY OFF from my studio and sending it with two great friends.  I'll be back tomorrow to share some of the graduation cards I made for my grandkids........Hope you can make plans to come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Love! Wow. How chic is this note book which is looking like a clutch bag to me, you know a bit of a purse...Incredible. Love it!

  2. hummer-licious today! beautiful little portfolio. keep it away from jack!

  3. Oh my goodness....they surely are filling up the nest. And, I can see the beak is getting longer like a hummingbird. How neat! Yes - you are truly blessed to witness such a beautiful gift from God!

    I absolutely adore the notebook. It does look like a clutch and is very, very classy! I love the string closure. I just did this same type on a petite pocket and it turned out excellent. I am still learning a lot. It is trying to remember it all where my troubles begin. =)

    Thank you so much for sharing! Both are just AWESOME!