Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SBStampers November Theme Card

Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends!
I'm back in Arizona where I belong and I'm SO HAPPY to be back home with Jack.  I missed him BIG TIME and can't wait to go out and have coffee with him this morning.  My share today will be a quick little share that I made for my SaddleBrooke Stamper November Theme Card share.  Check this cute card out.......
Our theme was Thanksgiving and Tradition......and I immediately thought of all the tradition that my girls and I have for Thanksgiving and I created this triple fold card.  Here is what the front of my card looked like.......
And when you pull the front flap up .... It exposed this amazing and fun "TRADITION" message.
When you lift each of the flaps....it exposes the role that each of my girls play in preparing our Thanksgiving dinner.  Here's is Jenni's Role.......
And Cheryl's Role.......(basically.....we ask Cheryl to do most everything.......)
And since I'm sitting back and taking the easy route.......I make one stop and pick up three bottles of wine .......... and then I'm DONE!
Here's what the entire card looks like when all three flaps are folded out.
FUN FUN Thanksgiving Traditions card.  I am blessed that my daughters have picked up the long standing tradition of making the Thanksgiving dinner ...... and all Jack and I need to do is SHOW UP!
Thanks for joining me today - I'll be back tomorrow to share more Kards by Kadie Creations with you - Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Your blog should be named Klever Kards by Kadie. This is a great idea. Cheryl had her hands full . . . LOL!