Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Our Holiday Tree 2012

Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends!
I spent the entire day yesterday with my oldest daughter - Who has taken off work this week on Monday and Tuesday to PLAY.  We packed the day with Shopping .......Errands ...... Lunch ..... and of course some amazing down-time at Starbucks.  I helped her get some Christmas Shopping done and we had SO MUCH FUN BONDING!
My share today is a quick little share of my Christmas Tree back in Arizona!
Our tree is set-up at the front door and it's right outside my studio door.
The position of the tree was important so you could not only see and enjoy the lights while you are in our living room ...... But I also wanted the tree to be seen by those outside the front of our house.  The answer to that ..... I simply open the French Doors of my Studio and make sure the window blinds are also open in my studio and the tree in the living room can be seen by anyone walking or driving past our house.  PERFECT!
I started a tradition for our holiday tree when Jack and I first met (one I might add that has based the success the of our relationship) and that tradition was decorating our holiday tree with ornaments that were made to with-stand one holiday season.  I made them knowing I would not be saving them ...... and they would be hauled out to the street with the tree when the holidays were over. 

Honestly ...... putting up a Holiday Tree is one of those events that I know Jack (and other guys) HATE ..... But I LOVE.  I wanted to involve Jack in the process - but I didn't want to BATTLE with him on getting the tree up or down.  SO ..... his job is to help me get the tree in the stand ...... he is then allowed to WALK AWAY and have nothing else to do with the decorating until it's time to take the tree down.  I began decorating our tree with ornaments that I handmade and all I need to do when the holidays were over was remove the lights from the tree and the rest of the tree could be hauled out to the street .......... thus ending any battle over taking the decorations down or the putting away of the holiday decoration.  (BRILLIANT - NO?)  
So this year......in dedication to my return to Wisconsin for the annual gingerbread house party......I decorated our holiday tree with gingerbread men and snowflakes!
The gingerbread men are made out of brown construction paper.......
And the snowflakes are diecut from white crazy foam!
I added colored stickles for his buttons ....... and glue that dires white for his rick-rack.
And under our tree we always have Steven's 3-Car Train and a Santa sitting in a chair.  Both of these pieces make our Holiday Tree complete every year.
Thanks for joining me today - I'll be back tomorrow to share more decorations from our Arizona house with you.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. just stunning. love the gingerbread men. scott loves to put up the tree and decorate the house . . . i literally had to remove some of the tinsel from our windows because it looked so much like "snoopy's dog house" it was so over the top!