Wednesday, December 05, 2012

More Decorations

Happy Wednesday My Blogger Friends!
Wanting to interrept my regular post for today to share a few pictures of the Advent calendar that my two granddaughters made at our scrapbooking retreat on Saturday.  Check this out.....
I took a 3-oz Dixie Cup apart and traced the pattern of the cup onto some Christmas DSP I had in my stash.  I then had the girls cut-out the pattern and glue the DSP onto TWENTY FIVE of the 3-oz Dixie Cups.  We then punched two holes into the cups and threaded a long piece of string through the cups......making a papercup chain (hence a "countdown to Christmas calendar").
I used my Cricut to pre-cut numbers (1-25) and those numbers were glued onto an ornament sticker and that was secured onto the front of each of the cups.  PERFECT little "Countdown to Christmas" advent bucket.  Hailey put her's across the kitchen window and Brooke put her's under the TV in her living room.

For my share today.......I want to share some of my holiday decorations that are throughout my house in Arizona.  Check out some of my FUN FESTIVE DECORATIONS!
Every year (since my kids were little) we had some type of Advent Calendar set up.  Typically the kind of calendar that holds a yummy treat behind the door that opens up.  This one holds a Hershey Nugget behind each of the little doors. Andright in front of the Advent Calendar is the Grandkids Elf on Shelf.......sitting right at the front door.
Here are the three NutCrackers that I bought when my oldest grandson was just two years old.  He would spend hours playing with them!  They would always be part of his little Christmas Tree decorations that he put up in our dining room of our Wisconsin home.
One of my FAVORITE Holiday decorations is this FUN Reindeer that sits at our front door.  His legs expend to make him taller or smaller and the expression on his little face is PRICELESS!
These are all the kids decorations.  They are set up in a winter wonderland village and include things like a plate for Santa's cookies and a magically white reindeer.
This is the garland and bulbs that decorate my kitchen window.
And my snowman village that is in my dining room.
Thanks for joining me today - I'll be back tomorrow to share my Grandkids Holiday Stockings with you......Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. looks festive and fun! did you travel with your cricut?