Sunday, December 09, 2012

Gingerbread House/Cookie Baking Fun

Happy Sunday My Blogger Friends!
Today I want to share a TOTAL NON-STAMPING/PAPERCRAFTING post with you.  It's the fun we had yesterday as we hosted the 11-Annual Gingerbread House Party for my little people in Wisconsin.  Check out all this fun.......
The Sewell's and the White's came together at the White House to Kick Off a FUN PACKED afternoon of PURE SUGAR!
We had Jenni's kitchen and dining room PACKED with Gingerbread Houses - sugar treats and cookies.
 Here are the five gingerbread houses the kids ended up making.
 Here's Jared and Uncle Michael working at the kitchen counter..........
 And Auntie Jenni, Brooke and Hailey working at the dining room table.
 Here Steven is with his completed gingerbread house.......
 And Brooke.......
 And Jared.......
 Uncle Michael.........
 And Hailey!
 This is a picture of my girls (Cheryl and Jenni) mixing up the frosting.
 And the kids waiting for the frosting of the cookie fun to begin.......
 Of course each of the kids had to frost a cookie for NaNa......(oh YUM!)
 And my daughters jumped in and joined in on the fun.....
And then my son came upstairs and began frosting his cookies.  This is when things kind of took a turn for the he was just standing and pouring the sprinkles over his cookies and didn't have anything to catch the sprinkles that weren't hitting the cookies.  What we found out was the sprinkles were falling on the floor and it wasn't long before the kitchen floor was covered with sugary sprinkles.
And without fail.......Hailey was the last one standing when it came to decorating the cookies.  She always gives it her all!  It seems like all the other kids bail (one by one) and leave her alone in the kitchen with all the cookies that are still needing to be frosted - but the good sport Hailey is........She always stays till the last cookie is frosted.
Here's what one of the batches of cookies looked like all frosted and ready to be packaged up for the kids to take home.

And one last final look at the cookies on the kitchen counter just waiting to be packaged up and taken home.  All in All.......It was a SUPER FUN DAY and without a doubt a day ENJOYED by everyone!

Thanks for joining me today........I'm taking the girls to go see the Nutcracker at the MATC Theatre (here in Madison).  Thought it would be a great way to end my 10-day stay here in Wisconsin.......(as I'm leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Arizona!)

I'll be back tomorrow to share my SaddleBrooke Stampers Challenge Card for November with you.  Hope you can make plans to join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Hi Kadie,

    What wonderful Holiday memories you are building with your family!!! Sounds like such a fun day.

    Peace, Love & Joy,


  2. incredible family and holiday memories . . . delicious, too!