Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little House Cards

Happy Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have the three cards that I made at last Thursday's class by Susan - which was offered at the Little House here in Tucson.  Check out these three "GUY" cards we made.......
 This first card already has a happy home assigned to it.......My son-in-law Kris!  His birthday is coming up at the end of August and this card is PERFECT for him.  Kris owns a construction company and has been building homes for as long as I've know him.  If ever there was a PERFECT card for him ....... this would be it!
The card is a tool belt/apron and in the pocket I have put several tools that are poking out of the two pockets......CUTE or WHAT!  Just know that Kris is going to love this card - and can't wait to send it to him.
Next up is a surfing card that is PERFECT beyond words for Jack's youngest son Gabe.  His birthday is coming up in the middle of the month - so this card was designed with him in mind.
 Susan designed this card with six eyelets across the center panel and it actually reminded me of some swim trunks that Gabe owns.  I simply adore this card.
 And the last card we made was an interactive card that used Graphic 45 DSP.  We began by cutting out the car and adding a special little pull tab to the back to allow us to attach our string to it and that gave us the pull we needed to drag out car across the center of our card.
 By simply pulling on the string - we are able to move our car across the card.
SUPER FUN card and this card will be going to someone special (someday!).

So that's it for the cards I made at the Little House in Tucson last week - I'll be back tomorrow to share more Kards by Kadie creations with you ...... Hope you can make plans to come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. each one of these is a work of art and has a perfect recipient. the surfboards and "swim trunk" stitching are the bomb! hugs, m