Saturday, July 07, 2012

Four VERY SPECIAL Birthday Cards!

Happy Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends!
Today, I have four of my FAVORITE Birthday cards to share with you today.  They are the cards that my two daughters and grandkids sent to me.  
 First up is the card that Brooke sent to me. 
How magically is the inside of this card?  Love Love Love that SHE signs the card and she ALWAYS creates some kind of magically drawing on the inside of her card.  This year it's a heart with my name in the center.....OH SO PRECIOUS!
 This is the card that my Jenni sent me.  It SERIOUSLY made me cry!
 And here is the card that Cheryl sent me - such a "ME" kind of card!
And my last card is from my Sewell grandkids.......Honestly.....they hit this one out of the park - all the flowers and the pink ....... just made me smile!
And I love love love that my daughter has each of the kids sit down and sign their name to every single card they send me.  SO SPECIAL and will be treasured FOREVER!

I also received a FABULOUS SURPPRISE from my Son Michael.  First up.....He NEVER forgets my birthday.......He does however have some problems remembering to turn over his June calendar in time to get a birthday card off to me.  SO......typically he scrambles to get something to me in time (I kind of enjoy this because each year it gets more and more fun to see what/how he's going to make a birthday surprise appear in Tucson, Arizona from St Charles, Missouri).  This year he had a special Olive Garden E-Birthday Card sent to me.  I received a LOADED Olive Garden giftcard that will SERIOUSLY give me SEVERAL dinners at one of my favorite dining out places.  Thank You Michael for sending me such a SIMPLY YUMMY GIFT - I can't wait to go down and ENJOY!

I'll be back tomorrow to share a few more birthday surprises with you - Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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