Monday, April 02, 2012

FU March Cards Part One of Two

Happy Happy Monday My Blogger Friends.  Today I have a quick little share for you - It's the cards we made at my FU group gathering last Wednesday.  Let's get sharing .........
First card up is from Ann - who had us make this ADORABLE Easel Lady Bug Card.  The real surprise came when Ann handed us Red cardstock and a pencil.  We used the eraser top to form the black dots for our red and black pokadot paper.  We just dipped our erasers into the black stamp pad and dotted our red cardstock with the pencil......SUPER FUN or what!
The card itself formed into a "Stand-Up" type of card and we were able to keep the top flap open by adding the scallop edge to the bottom portion of our card and that allowed the upper portion of our card to stand up and what did that upper portion of our card reveal.......
A super sweet lady bug of course!
We took three scallop circle punches and folded them in half and then glued the sides together to form this super fun 3-D lady bug shell to put on the front of our card.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this card and MANY THANKS Ann for this fun and quick card (which we will probably be doing in an upcoming Stamp Camp......).
Next up is MY CARD.  It's the bookmark card that was featured in our Stampin' Success Magazine last month.  I knew the minute I saw this bookmark card that I would be making this fun little card someday.  My good friend Mary Fish ( actually did a video tutorial on how to make this fun little bookmark cards on March 19, 2012.  If you head on over to her blog ..... you can watch her video on how to make this card.  Here's the link:
The idea behind this card is to make a removeable bookmark that you can slide off your base card and use the bookmark to help save your spot in your favorite "love story book".
Here's what the bookmark looks like when it's detached from the base card.
The bookmark is designed to be completely removed from the card and then you can recycle your card and by adding a sentiment scallop to the top portion of your card ....... you have an instant greeting card to give to someone.
And my last share for today is a birthday card which my good friend Kris made.
It's a swing card ..........And if the cupcake on the front of the card isn't sweet enough ..... check out what is revealed when you swing the card open.......
A "Birthday" wish is tucked inside this card and actually spins out from the base of the card when you open up your card.
Kris used the Swing Card die from the Stamp Doctor (who was at the Tucson and the Mesa Convention) and totally takes all the guess work out of making this card.
The product is sold with a die and a clear plastic template that get's lined up to the side of your cardstock and nest next to the die so you get perfect placement each and every time you use this die.  Many THANKS Kris for sharing this super fun card and product with us. 

Thanks for joining me today - I'll be back tomorrow to share with you some Kards to Kadie creations I've received ........... Hope you can swing back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. thanks for the shout out, kadie. your version of the bookmark card with the striped ribbon is dashing! love the spinner-roo card, too! hugs, m