Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Share (Part Two)

Happy Easter My Blogger Friends!
Countdown to Grandkids Arriving = 61 days to go!
Today I hae a special little share for you ...... I made a few of these ADORABLE Easter Bunnies and share them with a couple of my closest SaddleBrooke Friends.
 These started out to be a Special little Birthday Treat for my good friend Opal's husband Tom.  (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!......I know your reading this....)  BUT.....after making one for Tom - I thought how cute would it be to make one for Jack (so off I went to make one more) know how rabbits are ...... before I knew it ..... I had SEVERAL of these little cuties made.
It was like magic that this many of them came together and then I was faced with what to do with them.  SO.....I grabbed several of the Easter Carrots and popped those into my Easter Bunny treat boxes and deliveried a few of these to several of my SaddleBrooke friends.
One of my favorite ones was this SUPER |PRETTY pink one...... 
 I even added a bunny tail to the back-end of each of my bunny treat boxes!
 The original idea came from my fellow SU demo Dawn Griffith at
 Dawn has an amazing video she shares on how to create these little cuties!
 I of course couldn't stop at the one for Tom and Jack - Just had to make several pink ones!
 And several blue ones ........
 More pink versions ........
 And even got a couple purple versions in too!
 But this little cutie is what started the whole Easter FUN for me!  I had a ball making these and if you haven't headed over to Dawn's Stamping Thoughts Blog ...... what are you waiting for?  She has a video on how to make these and you will be amazed at how quickly they come together. 
Here's all 9 of my Bunnies all lined up and ready to be deliveried!

Many THANKS for joining me today - Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday Friends and one last Happy Birthday wish to my dear friend Tom Larkin.  Happy Birthday Tom!
Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. no disputing that bunnies multiply rapidly! LOL. so very cute, especially with all your personal touches on dawn's bunny basket! hugs, m