Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Hailey......

Happy Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends and today we are celebrating two very special birthday's ........ Today is my Number One Granddaughter Hailey's birthday (and my BFF's husband Nick's birthday too!).   OH MY GOSH.....It seems like only yesterday that my daughter called me to tell me that PopPop had his first granddaughter....and I remember actually SCREAMING (at my desk at Hospice) when I heard the news.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Dear Hailey - Hope you have a special 10th birthday! 
And I also want to wish my BFF's husband Nick a very special day - Happy Birthday friend from Jack and me.
My card share today is from my SouthWest Stamper demo friends - who shared these cards with me at our November meeting.......This first card up is from Barbara Phillips.  She used the "In Wilderness, Gently Falling" Stamp set to create this amazing card.
Her coloring of ther eagle is amazing and I just love love love the "Stitched Poly Ribbon" that she used at the bottom of her card.  OH SO BEAUTIFUL!
This next card is from my SU Demo friend Cathy......She used the "Leaves of a Tree" Stamp set and also the "Hand-Penned Holidays" stamp set to create this awesome card.
I think my favorite stamp set in our new mini catalog HAS TO BE........the Hand-Penned Holiday set.  The font is amazing and every single time it stamps......It's image is fresh - clean and OH SO CLEAR!
And my last card is from Traci Faust....OH MY GOSH......One of my favorite cards from the night.  She used the Frostwood Lodge DSP packet along with the new "Stocking Builder Punch" and created this "OH SO CUTE" Holiday card.
I just love how this new punch creates the perfect little Christmas stocking....but is also can create baby stockings........and Hobby Horses with the same punch.  Love your card Traci!

Many thanks to all my SW Stamper Demo Friends for sharing their amazing cards with me in November......You all worked super hard on your cards.......and it shows.

I'll be back tomorrow to share the second half of the cards I received at my demonstrators meeting last week.....Hope you can come back and join me.......
Keep Living Your Dream!

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