Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowmen Hershey Bar Wrapper

Today I will be sharing another of the gifts that I made for my Scrapbooking Buddies back in Wisconsin......I would like to think this was one of my own creations....but.........It's not. This I obtained from Kerry's Paper Craft blog ( She posted this video on November 7th and I just knew when I saw these little guys they would be coming to Wisconsin with me. These are preprinted snowmen that are wrapped around a regular sized hersey candy bar. You add a fleece hat (that you create with a single stiched seam) and an adorable black scarf........
Here's a close-up of the snowmen's face and his adorable fleece hat.
The file that Kerry's has a link to print out these snowmen....and basically all your going to do is make the hat's. I ended up making 20 of these and plan to share them with my SaddleBrooke Stamping Buddies.
Thanks Kerry for posting these adorable snowmen hershey bar Wisconsin scrappin buddies LOVED them and I know that many of my bloggin friends will enjoy them too.
If you are interested in viewing Kerry's You Tube video post.....check it out here:
Stop back tomorrow when I'll share yet another one of the gifts that I made for my friends at the Wisconsin retreat..........Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Those are wicked cute!
    You have yourself a great holiday! Stay warm and safe and enjoy those friends and loved ones!