Friday, January 20, 2012

Trinket Box

Happy Friday My Blogger Friends and today I have a special (and LONG) post for you - and that is to share the wonderful Trinket Box I created last weekend.  This vintage box was believe it or not - super easy to put together and is honestly one of those classes that you need to have the instructor standing in front of you to walk you through all the steps (which there are MANY) that go to creating this lovely little master piece. 
This is the Easel/Drawer Trinket Box that holds three matching vintage cards (I created the cards at an earlier class that Susan offered at my local scrapbook store).
The box itself has a drawer that slides open and holds your matching notecards or other treasurers that you might want to keep tucked away or hidden.
The handle serioulsy brings this whole project together.
 And then the easel card on the top of the box just puts this project right over the top!
The drawer component slides right out .......
And tucked inside the drawer is where I am storing three fabulous matching cards.
They each coordinate perfectly with the DSP that we used to decorate our Trinket Box!
 We used some amazing and very Vintage looking paper ......
 Along with the most amazing and yummy ribbon .........
 And let us not forget the awesome lace edge diecut - that is one of the Spellbinder collection dies.
The entire drawer pulls out and you can even remove it to fill it up with coordinating cards or treasures and then slide it back into place if you want.
 We decorated the top of our box with a rosette and a glubber flower ......
This honestly was the first time I attempted to make a Glubber Flower and I was so impressed with how lovely my flower turned out.
The ribbon was a super soft and super yummy ribbon that I ended up buying extra so I could make attentional cards to tuck inside the drawer of my Trinket Box. fabulous is this picture.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can say ...... I CREATED THIS!
The entire Trinket Box came together in a three hour class ....... I'm not sure that the more of these you make the faster you become.  There was a gal that sat next to me - who was making her second Trinket Box and honestly ........ she was taking it step-by-step and not working ahead of the rest of the class.  Our instructor Susan was very organized and kept us all on track and we were able to leave the class with a completely constructed Trinket Box.  LOVE IT!

Hope you enjoyed todays share - I'll be back tomorrow to share the Message Board Center I made at a Real Deals class last Saturday.  Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. just adorable, too bad the rest of us don't have access to this yummy project. you did an excellent job.