Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Third Day Till Jack's Birthday and MORE......

Today I'm running around like a CHICKEN with MY HEAD CUT OFF!  (why do people say that line - SERIOUSLY ..... I'm not a farm girl, but I can only image what that statement might look like and I'm sure it isn't a pretty picture. But wait ....... guess my running around doesn't post the prettiest picture either) ....... So, todays post is going to be all about JACK ...... I'm going to share the Third Day till Jack's Birthday Tag with you .......
With only three more days to go till Jack's birthday I'm putting the pressure on to give Jack all his favorite things.  Today ....... I'm leaving him an EGG - because one of Jack's all time favorite things to eat is a Fried Egg Sandwich.
So here's his birthday tag along with his egg.  I'll have Jack cash in today for one fried egg sandwich before Trivia ........ I SERIOUSLY know he is going to love this gift.

Before I go - I want to share with you a fun little peek at what I created for my CraftJunkieToo Design Team Post that I'll be posting tomorrow ......
Let's just say ....... It represents COLD (WHAT ..... Isn't that (Kadie's FAVORITE) Starbucks Via Coffee??????) and the project also uses cold colors.  Guess your just going to have to pop back tomorrow to see what I've created.  Hope you can join me.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. I'm so glad I joined your blog. Your cupcake tickets are wonderful. Special thoughts and they are priceless. Thanks for sharing your love for your husband with us.