Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year's Eve Popper

Happy Happy Thursday My Blogger Friends.  Today I have a fun little project to share with you - It's one that I handed out on New Year's Eve to my neighbors and friends to help celebrate the New Year.  Check this AWESOME and SUPER FUN New Year's Eve Popper that I made .......
I realized at 5:30a.m. on the morning of December 30th ....... that I had totally forgotten to make a New Year's Eve treat for my neighbors and friends and went into FULL PANIC MODE!  (I actually looked like a chicken with my head cut off as I flew out of the hot tub and went SCREAMING past Jack in an attempt to get into my studio ...... I seriously think that if nothing else ...... Jack stays with me for the PURE ENTERTAINMENT of what I'm going to do next that I provide for him!)   Actually - after only a few minutes - I knew exactly what I was going to make for my friends.
I grabbed my Stampin' UP! BigZ Candy Wrapper Die and began cutting out the candy wrapper and constructing these ADORABLE New Year's Eve Poppers.  (I'm still not convinced that what I used this die for wasn't what someone was thinking when they constructed this die.......)
With the help of my laptop and faithful printer - I was able to zip the oval tag out in no time.  All that I had left to do was add some chocolate to the inside - add some ribbon and tullee to the ends of each of the toppers and ...... well ...... I was DONE (well ..... almost done ..... I only had to make 20 more).
I ended up making three too many of these poppers and realized that they looked super cute all clustered together and hung frm my studio door ...... I was now all set out to bring in the New Year at the Fisher/Labadie residence.
I made three different colored poppers but they all held the same candy surprise on the inside (wink wink).  I took off on New Year's Eve morning at the crack of dawn and deliveried these to my neighbors and close friends of SaddleBrooke.

Hope you'all had a fabulous New Year's Eve - It was pretty low-key at our house ...... We ended up watching a couple Marx Brothers movies (what would New Year's Eve be without DUCK SOUP) and some of us were asleep at the stroke of midnight and other woke up from their nap just before the stroke of midnight to bring in the New Year ...... (any quesses who was the one that woke up........).

Happy New Year My Blogger Friends and I'll be back tomorrow to share some Kards by Kadie creations that I've been working on since the first of the year.  Hope you can come back and join me for my Friday share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Love those!!! :) What a sweet neighbor!

  2. they are gorgeous . . . love the metallic for new years! hugs, m