Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mini Magazine Holder Directions

Happy Sunday to all My Fellow Blog Friends and a SPECIAL HELLO to all the blog followers of my good friend Mary Fish and StampinPretty.  I have been OVERWHELEMED (in a good way!)with email messages regarding the directions for the Mini Magazine Holder that Mary posted on her blog Saturday.  It appears that many of you were having some difficulties reading my directions that I previously posted. 
So I decided to post this rather LONG blog post today ...... in an attempt to help you recreate this fabulous little Mini Magazine Holder.  Since I don't have video ability - I'm going to try to go through these directions Step-by-Step and include some photo's of what exactly I'm trying to accomplish.  Hopefully ... the following directions will be all you need to make this project.  SO.....Let's get this PARTY STARTED......

REMEMBER: You can click on any of the pictures to make the image LARGER - if you are having trouble reading the details of the pictures.........
Step 1: Start with a 8" x 8-15/16" piece of cardstock.  (I started out with plain white cardstock and created a pattern/guide that I'm able to use over and over again each time I wanted to make this little cutie.  This also gives me the opportunity to make mistakes on the plain white sheet of cardstock and not use up any of my favorite cardstock or DSP with a ton of mistakes that I might make with wrong measurements or score placements.)

Step 2: On the 8" side SCORE your cardstock at 4-11/16" and 3-5/16".
Below is a picture of what those score lines will look like.  Those score lines are marked as black dotted lines:

Step 3: On the 8-15/16" side SCORE your cardstock at 1-1/2" and at 4-3/4". (The black dotted lines below are those score lines.)

Step 4: On those score lines that you just made in Step 3 - make a cut on both ends of those score lines up to the 4-11/16" and 3-5/16" score line intersection.

This picture shows you what those cut lines look like when the flaps are folded up. (Picture is merly making an attempt to show you a little clearer the CUT LINES you will be making in this section)

Step 5: Cut off 1/4" off from both flaps that are in this center section. (You will want to remove this 1/4" section so when you go to fold in your flaps - the ends tuck in and form the side panel of your magazine holder - This will make sense in Step 13.)

This picture above shows where I have cut off 1/4" from each end of this section.  

 Here's a close-up of what that 1/4" piece looks like that you will be cutting off.

Step 6: You will now make the sides of your holder and these will actually take on the look of flaps when you move on to Step 13 and begin building your side walls of your holder.

Score at 6-1/4" and also at 1-1/2" (only make the score lines in this center panel section.  Don't start at the top of your cardstock and make your score line all the way up your cardstock.  You will only be scoring in this little panel section that I have the yellow post-it-notes indicated below).

Step 7 : You are now going to cut the angle line for the shape of your mini magazine holder. You will measure down 2-1/2" and put a tick mark with a pencil (this will help you position your paper into your trimmer for cutting purposes) and you will also measure in 2-1/4" across the top and put a tick mark with a pencil (this again will help you position your paper into your trimmer for cutting purposes).

Step 8: Now using a ruler - draw a line from your 2-1/4" tick mark down to your 2-1/2" tick mark. (You will use this as a guide for your next step)

This next picture will show you that I have cut off the right hand side of my holder already and now I'm ready to cut off the left hand side.  I have positioned my cardstock in my paper trimmer and I'm ready to cut.

Step 9: Here's what your cardstock will look like after you have used your trimmer to match up your tick marks and you have made your two cuts.  You will have formed the angles to your holder.

 Step 10: With all the above steps completed ...... Your cardstock should look like this:

You are now ready to begin assembling your Mini Magazine Holder.......

Step 11: Apply Sticky Tape to all FOUR flaps as pictured below. I have marked where your Sticky Tape goes in RED! (DO NOT PUT STICKY TAPE on the middle flap section as this is going to be the center of your Magazine Holder - and ultimately be where your 3"x3" note cards will be going)

Step 12: FLIP your Magazine Holder over and apply Sticky Tape to the two outer flaps on the reserve side of your Magazine Holder. (the picture below has the Sticky Tape marked in RED.)

Step 13: Go ahead and FLIP your Magazine Holder back over so you are working from the side that has Sticky Tape applied to the four flap sections........You will now begin assembling your Mini Magazine Holder.

REMOVE the redline backing off the two left hand side flaps and.........
Start out by folding up your 1-1/2" bottom flap section and begin securing your flaps that have sticky tape to this bottom flap section. Do this one side at a time.

 Fold over the last flap on the left side and press the two layers of cardstock together.

By doing this one side at a time - you eliminate your Sticky Tape from being exposed and possibly sticking to something you don't want it to.  You have succesfully secured your 1-1/2" flap over and built the left hand side of your holder.

This picture show how the left hand side of your Mini Magazine Holder has been secured and you are now ready to move on to doing the right hand side.

 Repeat the process from above and secure your Sticky Tape on the right hand side of your holder.

This picture shows the last flap on the right hand side being folded over and securing itself into place. 

You have now completed both walls of your Mini Magazine Holder and will be ready to complete the final steps of your holder next.

Start out by removing the redline packing to the last two Sticky Tape sections that you have on the inside walls of your Mini Magazine Holder.  You are now ready to move on to Step 13 - the final step of your Mini Magazine Holder.

 Step 14: With your sticky tape removed (again - I would suggest doing this one side at a time - so you don't have Sticky Tape exposed on both sides at the same time - which could cause in error something getting stuck before you intend for it to get stuck.) 

Slide your angled top section down to meet the wall that has Sticky Tape exposed and adhere that flap to form the wall of your magazine holder.

 Here is what it's going to look like once you have it secured and pressed into place.

 Repeat the above process to the Right hand side of your Mini Magazine Holder.

Your Mini Magazine Holder should now have both sides secured and all that is left to do is decorate your Holder.

Step 15: You can now decorate the front......back.....and outside flaps of your Magazine Holder with DSP and Ribbon.  The sky is the limit to however you want to decorate this little cutie.

 Fingers Crossed ....... This is what your Mini Magazine Holder should end up looking like.

I added four decorated 3"x3" note cards to my holders, which makes for a perefect little gift.  Thse are SUPER FUN to make and once you get the first one made ..... you'll have a template ready to just blast these off in no time flat.  TRUST ME.......the second one comes together sooooo much faster.  Why not make a bunch of these up and have them on hand for when you need a last minute gift for that someone special.  They seriously make a for a great gift.

WELL ...... First of all ..... Let me say .... THANK YOU for staying with me till the end.  WOW!  And secondly ........ If ever there was a reason to investigate purchasing a video camera it would have been after finishing these instructions.  I am SO SORRY I did not have a video available - but I think with my written text and the help of some pictures ..... and a good old fashion PRAY ..... I'm confident that you will be able to complete this project with no problem.  Give a yell back if you need any clarification on any of the steps I have listed  -  I'll work with you to get you through making this holder for sure.

Many THANKS to Mary Fish for sharing this project with all her blog readers......and for all of you for visiting my blog - and I'm hoping you come back from time to time and visit - and even drop me a comment to say HI!  I'll be back tomorrow to share more of my 12-Days till Jack's Birthday with you ....... Keep Living Your Dream!


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