Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Crafternooners Swap

Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends! 

Today I have a special treat to share with you - It's my Crafternooners Swap project for January. 
Here is what I will be giving to each of them this weekend.
Our color challenge for January was Purple and Gold with an optional technique of Stickles.  I took the bookmark idea which Dawn Griffin had on her blog ( and created these super fun bookmarks for my three Crafternooner lady friends.
I wasn't sure what size book the ladies would have - and know that each of them read PaperCrafters magazines and I had several old copies on hand - so I simply used those magazines as my guide for setting up the dimensions for the bookmarks I was going to make for my Crafternooner friends. 
I am reading "A Cry in the Night" right now ......... and made my bookmark to fit that book.  LOVE how pretty this bookmark turned out!
Here is a shot of the large scallop diecut with the Stampin' UP! rosette positioned right on top.
And all you need to do to open the bookmark is slide up the gold scallop to reveal the black ponytail holder which is positioned under the gold scallop........And then release the purple button from the black ponytail holder........
The two pieces seperate and that will allow you to reposition your bookmark to a new page of the book you are reading.
Here's a close-up of the yummy purple Stickles that I added to each scallop! 
Since I was pretty sure I would just be dropping the bookmarks off to each of the gals in my Crafternooner's group ...... I wanted to make sure I wrote up some basic instructions telling each of them how their bookmarks operated.  So I took a piece of white cardstock and put it over the cover of each of the PaperCrafters magazine and wrote up instructions for each of the ladies.

I'll be back tomorrow to share a special little gift I made my good friend Kris Holmes for her birthday this past Monday.  I hope you can stop back and join me for that share.

Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Cute bookmark. But Purple and Gold? Sounds like Viking colors - Green and Gold would have been so much better; aren't you from WI????
    Just kidding! The bookmarks are beautifully done. TFS!

  2. Sorry Deb - If I had it my way - everything would be Green and Gold. The challenge for our January Crafternooner was the colors Purple and Gold-SO......that is what we were stuck using. ROCK THE WORLD WITH THOSE PACKERS!

  3. Hi - Love the bookmarkers. Could you hook me up with the exact link to Dawn's site where she has this bookmarker listed. Thanks for sharing your cards.

  4. your rosette looks like a beautiful crown. love the bookmark idea! hugs, m