Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Someone's Birthday

It's January 12th and that means one thing ........
It's Jack's Birthday today!
Today is Jack's 79th Birthday - and I plan to totally Spoil my big guy with all his favorite things.  I'll start out with a nice big cup of espresso ...... along with the morning newspaper ...... I'll add his favorite blankie that has been warmed up in the dryer to take the chill off him when he wakes up.  I also have plans to take him up to Starbucks later in the morning to enjoy a Sourdough roll and an espresso drink .  Our lunch will be spent at our clubhouse ...... and then we have plans to have Italian for dinner with my girlfriend and a couple of friends from Wisconsin.  Now that sounds like a JAMMED PACK and FUN DAY!
So I knew that Jack's last tag really needed to PACK A PUNCH ....... So I prepared a special birthday wish for Jack with 17-cupcakes that each have been decorated with a special birthday message ......... "Happy Birthday Jack" on chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  SERIOUSLY his favorite cake combination.
Here's a picture of all 12-tags that made up Jack's 12-Day's Till His Birthday project.  Is this CUTE or WHAT?  I would like to THANK my good buddy OPAL for providing me with this project idea.  Even though it was intended to use as the 12-Days Before Christmas - I was able to switch it up and make it into a 12-Days Till Jack's Birthday project with NO PROBLEMS

This was a fun little project that not only made Jack smile ..... but also reminded Jack that I am THRILLED to be sharing my life with him and that I LOVE HIM to pieces.
Happy Birthday Jack!
It's because of you that ...... I'm Living My Dream.


  1. Happy, Happy 79th Birthday Jack!!!!!!!

  2. Oops, that didn't come out right. Let's try that again.

    Happy, Happy 79th Birthday Jack!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet husband! It has been so fun to watch the paper crafting journey to his big day! You are the queen of clever! Hugs, M

  4. I have so enjoyed all your 12 day posts for your husband. What a loving person you are...and he is, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your talent and love with everyone.

  5. Never mind Jack waiting in anticipation for his Birthday had all of us waiting too!!! Such a clever idea!
    Jack, if you are reading this...Happy Birthday to you! I am sure it was eventful and you are truely blessed to have your wife and family and friends to celebrate! God Bless your day today and everyday!
    Cheryl McAskill