Saturday, August 06, 2011

SMASH Journal

Happy Happy Saturday My Blogger Friends - Hope you have some FUN FUN things planned for today - I'm playing catch up!  I plan to put the finishing touches on my August Stamp Camp and Stamp Club projects - which will keep me plenty busy!  What I want to share today is a fun little journal that I picked up last weekend while shopping with my GOOD GOOD Friend Nancy.
Check this great little journal from K&C........I purchased the orange SMASH journal (along with lots of extra little pieces of FUN to add to my SMASH Journal)
The idea behind K&Company SMASH Journal is that those things that are too good for you to forget - get smashed into this fun little journal book.  It has a built in glue pen-stick so you always have a way of gluing things into your journal.  I purchased these fun little SMASH Pads to add a layer of fun to my book.
Here's a set of fun little note stickies along with another glue/pen.
Here's the front cover of my book.  It comes with a fabulous plastic cover to protect your journal - but my plans are to remove that plastic cover and allow my journal to be well loved!
And here's my second glue/pen ready for take off........
And here's a sample of what the inside of your journal could look like!

Thanks for stopping in today - I'll be back tomorrow to share some cards that I made last month - Hope you can join me.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. oh i LOVE my SMASH! stuff :) Enjoy! I have some things on my blog as well as my You Tube if you want to check the other journals out :)