Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pop-Up Little Witch

Hi Blogger Friends and today is Saturday and I'm going to spend the day with my girlfriends out at Archiver's.  We have reserved a couple tables and will be connecting this morning and going strong until midnight......we seriously know how to PLAY.  So let me get started with a fun little project that my friend Kris Holmes taught me right before I headed back to Wisconsin.....
This little witch is made from a fun little company (Some Assembly Required) that sells a fabulous book that has a basic "pear" template on the inside and walks you through all the steps necessary to create MANY FUN 3-D figures.  Kris picked out this Witch creation and let me tell you.....This project was AMAZING!
Kris was kind enough to have all the green pieces for our witch all cut and ready for assembly.  The base of the witches head was an interlocking green pear piece and after I got the interlocking pieces all assemblied - I added the eyes and nose and added the purple hair to each side ofr the face and topped the head off with a fun little witches black hat.......and....called this one donel
Here's a view of my witch as I am looking above her....and as you can see.....all the pieces of green cardstock that Kris pre-cut for me linked together to form the base (head) of my project.
The hardest part of this project is getting the first couple of interlockind pieces to stay together and then once they grab hold - the rest of the pieces go together quick and easy.
The hair is just added onto the base pear piece and with a little wiggle and fine-tuning the whole witch comes together in snap.
There's just something ADORABLE about this face that makes me SMILE.......BIG!
And.....Who could resist those fabulous eye?

Thanks for stopping by today - I'll be back tomorrow to share the fun little Mini Milk Carton Treat Holder that I had Kris make last Friday at our FU August gathering....Hope you can join me.

Keep Living Your Dream!