Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jan's Crafternooner Swap Card

Happy Tuesday my Blogger Friends and today I am OUT OF HERE to head back to Wisconsin for some SERIOUS RandR with my daughters and little people......I about can't stand it - I'm so excited!  I plan to get a serious dose of my grandkids in the next three weeks - Hopefully, I won't forget to post on my blog (I MAKE NO PROMISES).  But for today - I have a special little number from my BFF......
This card was made for my Crafternooners August swap card by Jan.  Our color challenge was Green, Turquoise and Blue.......and Jan nailed that part of the challenge. We also had the optional theme of flowers and Jan got those added to her card too.
Check out the pearls that Jan added to her card - is this not just BEAUTIFUL!
And her flowers are just stunning!  I love how Jan has glittered up the blue flowers and the sparkly look is just so lovely.
And there I LOVE everything there is to love about this little girl.  TOO STINKIN CUTE!
And without fail.....Jan put the finishing touches on the inside of her card.  Truly a card that will be stashed away in my FOREVER basket.  This one is just too pretty to ever give away.
I leave you with one final look at Jan's completed card.  THANKS JAN!

I'm off to Wisconsin and should be ready to post something quick tomorrow morning.  I have plans to go pick up my grandkids in the morning and bringing them back to the hotel and having a swim-day.  We will also hit Noodles for lunch and when my daughter gets off work - she'll swing by and pick them up.  Can only image how much FUN we are going to have in the pool all day.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful visit with your daughter and grandkids. I hope to see lots of pictures when you get back.
    I will miss you :0)