Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Twoie's Shower

 Happy Tuesday My Blogger Friends!
Today........I'm going to share a SERIOUSLY NON-STAMPING related post with you.  I've downloaded some of the pictures that were taken at Baby Twoie's shower on August 10th.  Let me share the guest of honor with you......
 Here is Twoie all worn out from his baby shower!
 The shower had a theme of Rubber Duckies........and this was the cake table......
Here is Twoie's cake........
And a SUPER YUMMY punch that Auntie Cheryl made.
The punch was super yummy and the rubber ducks floating on the surface really had the guest talking!
I set my daughter up in a special chair for when she opened Twoie's gifts.  (Thanks Kathie for this great idea)  There was another chair next to my daughter and that was where the guest who's present she was opening would sit.  This picture is of Jenni putting her arm around my friend Nancy Novak from Tucson.  Nancy couldn't b at the shower.....so she asked me to hand deliver her gift to Baby Twoie. 
A real show-stopper was this ADOABLE "My Uncle Rocks" onsie!
 And here is cousin Hailey as she presented Auntie Jenni with her gift that she made for Twoie!
Hailey made Twoie this PRETTY and FUN no sew blanket. 
And here I am with my daughter Jenni.  I made Twoie a First Year Baby Album and all my daughter will need to do is drop pictures of Twoie into this album.
Thanks for joining me today......I'll be back tomorrow to share pictures of the take home gifts I made for all the guest who came to Baby Twoie's shower.  Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!

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  1. Baby Twoie is growing! He looks very handsome and I loved the photos of you and Jenni and Hailey with her "no sew" quilt! What a wonderful time! Can't wait to have you back, of course!