Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Twoie's Birthday Card Basket

Happy Friday My Blogger Friends!
Today I have a fun little project I prepared for Twoie's baby shower.  I wanted all the guests that were coming to Twoie's Shower to be involved with a gift I was creating for him.  I planned to make 25 monogram cards for each of Twoie's first 25 birthdays...........and ask each of the guest to write a special birthday wish to Twoie on that card.  Here is what that project looked like......... 
I had a special Longenberg Basket that my good friend Debbie had given me.......and it was the PERFECT basket for this special project I was making for Twoie!
I designed several note cards with Twoie's initials and tucked 25 of these cards into the birthday basket.  Here's a sample of one of those cards.
 I printed out stickers for the front of all 25 envelopes........
And included one monogrammed card with each envelope.......
All the guest needed to do was write a special little birthday message to Twoie for that particular birthday and then seal the envelope closed and add it to his Birthday Basket.
Just love how the notecards were able to be tucked inside the basket for all 25 of Twoie's upcoming birthdays! 
And here is what the entire packaging looked like when it was presented to my daughter.  All 25 guest cards were wrapped up and put inside the Longenberg Basket. 
Thank-You joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share with you a SUPER FUN project I made for Baby Twoie Shower.  Hope you can come back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. beautiful presentation. Twoie will receive a special tip every birthday!

  2. This is so neat and such a great idea. What fun he will have each birthday! I will tell my niece about your project. She would probably like to do this for her children. Thank you for sharing!