Monday, February 17, 2014

Gift Bag and Bow

Happy Monday My Blogger Friends!
 Here is another 3-D project that the ladies at the Saddle-UP! Event created.
They each received a colorful gift bag.....That was provided for them to store all their completed projects from the day.
The 3-D Project they completed was this darling gift bow.........That was created using the new Stampin' UP! Envelope Punch Board.
To coordinate with the bow they were creating......They each received a "Chalk Talk" tag that was also used to decroate the front of their gift bag.
Darling little project that not only served as a means for the ladies to store their completed projects.......But they could also use for gift giving when they got home. 
Thanks for joining me today!  I'll be back tomorrow to share another project from the Saddle-UP! Event........Hope you can make plans to stop back and join me for that share.  Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. Another passion of mine. Decorating anything I can get my hands on; plastic, cardboard, glass, mirrors, bags, boxes; you name it. This is a great project for many occasions! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. How sweet it is? I didn't know you could create the bow with the punch board. Very clever!