Thursday, December 01, 2011

Count Down To Christmas

Happy Thursday My Blogger Friends!
Today I will be sharing with you a FABULOUSLY YUMMY
Christmas gift I made and gave to Jack this morning. 
I made him this OH SO CUTE Count Down To Christmas
hanger that I originally was going to make for my grandkids. 
But......time just ran out and I decided this would make
a PERFECT gift for Jack instead.
 The kit came with everything I was going to need to make an
Advent Calendar - but I knew that the most difficult man in the
 world to buy for was going to get this little baby all put together
with personal little tags made especially for him.
 I hung this on Jack's bathroom mirror so every morning
he could peek at the next tagand it would show the next gift
I was giving him for this Holiday Season. 
I decided that each of the tags would be PERFECT to tuck a sweet little note inside and honestly .... as far as Jack would be concerned.....each of the tags could have either uninterrupted reading or sports watching time written on them ........ but I honestly wanted to give my guy a little something more than what I would typically give him in a day......and I was able to come up with a few other gifts to tucks inside the tags for my guy this Christmas!
Each morning.....Jack will pull another tag out of the corresponding day and see what his gift from me is for that day.  I love how fun the little tags and holders were to decorate - and I just love the blue color combination that this kit had.   Stinkin' Cute Or What!
Here is Jack's Count Down To Christmas Calendar - hanging in his bathroom ..... I'm hoping that he waits to reveal each of the next days tag - but it's his gift and if he wants to read all the tags today ....... GO FOR IT BIG GUY!
I started out the first Count Down To Christmas tag with his favorite blanket (which I will pop into the dryer for a couple minutes so it's heated for when he comes out to this favorite chair in the morning) AND......along with that snug blankie.....I'll have a yummy cup of espresso waiting for him to enjoy in his favorite chair too.
I'll start my blog post out the next 24 days by featuring the tag I created for that day and sharing with you the little gifts that I made for my very lovely guy.  LOVE YOU JACK!

Thanks for stopping in today - I'll be back tomorrow to share a few Thanksgiving cards and treats that I received from several of my friends last week. Hope you can return tomorrow for that share.
Keep Living Your Dream!


  1. How thoughtful of you! I bet jack was really surprised to find that on his mirror this morning. Love it!

  2. What a work of art and SO thoughtful. I love all the pix . . . even the little reminders in the bathroom! hugs, m